Key Skills 14th Sept

Key Skills 14.9.18



Read through the list of commonly confused words. Please keep this at home and learn them. In your key skills books, choose 5 pairs of homophones and write sentences for each word.



I placed my book in the top drawer.

The child is learning to draw.

Key skills is given out on a Friday and should be returned by the Wednesday of the following week.



This week we have revised addition and subtraction methods.


Your job this week is to be the teacher! You need to identify where the student has gone wrong and work out the right answer for each addition and subtraction question.



Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.

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Welcome Back!

Our first full week is complete and Mrs Greener and I are really pleased with what we have accomplished in Churchill class.  In maths we have demonstrated our addition methods and applied them to a range of puzzles and problems as well as being teachers correcting errors. In English we have started to write speeches to apply for the roles of House Captains and Sports Captains for the year.  WWI study is well under way and we have been impressed with both the existing knowledge and the mature questions that the children have posed.

Next week we will start our dance sessions with Mrs Buckby, move onto subtraction and perfect our speeches before the voting takes place.

The standard of summer key skills about Churchill was impressive and we had a 100% return rate; a great start to the year that we expect to continue.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs de Board and Mrs Greener

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Gurdwara Visit 2018

On Friday 28th June, Churchill and Mandela classes visited the Sikh Gurdwara in Northampton.  Below are our blogs on the visit.


The museum

First, we entered the museum. There were a lot of cabinets filled with different artefacts from Sikh history such as: art, a replica of the golden temple, the five K`s and many more exciting things. In here we took off our shoes to show respect. In the kitchen, they would normally give a special food, but as we were a school they just gave us a digestive biscuit.  Millie and Millie

The Gudwara

As you walk into the Gudwara you will see a large Community Kitchen where people eat, everyone shares their food and it is a happy place to eat in. The food that they can’t have/eat goes to the homeless or other Gudwaras. Sikhs only eat vegetarian food; rice, pasta, vegetables etc. The next room that we went in was a small museum with lots of paintings, objects and different Sikh items (this room was our base room which we spent most of our time in). We learnt a lot about what Sikhs do as you know they have to wear a turban or scarf on their head to cover their hair as a sign of respect to God, you also have to take your shoes off in the Gudwara. For a couple of minutes we went in another room where the holy book was being read from start to finish we didn’t stay in there for long as a family had just lost a relative and it was quite hard for them. Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.  By Jessica and Kayleigh


We walked through the entrance and instantly we saw the langar hall, in front of us we also saw a family eating a supper on the wooden tables. Straight after that, we walked downstairs into the mini museum which was full of miniature models and pictures which represented all of the great things that happened while Guru Nanak was alive. After the man talked to us about all the amazing things there he showed us all the things he was wearing that represented the gods: the kesh, kara, kirpan, kangha and the kercha. Next, we went upstairs (where the book was) and the man was singing and we also got cookies.  Samuel


When we arrived at the temple we were in the langar hall where the food is served/stored; if the food is not used it is given to the home less or to other Gurdwaras. As we went down the long-twisted stairs, we went into the underground museum. While we were there, we learnt about the 5 K’s and WWI and WWII. They would normally give out this special type of biscuit:  since we were a school we just got a chocolate digestive.

This was a religious experience meeting all the people that showed so much passion for their faith and beliefs. I enjoyed speaking to Mr Singh: he taught us about so many interesting artefacts. Tom and Om

Firstly, you see a room called a Langar. As you are aware, it is where they share food to the people nearby. After that, you go to a museum downstairs, there is a lot of special and mesmerising artwork, they wanted me to do the fantastic pictures myself.

Upstairs, there was a family; we had to respect them as a fellow relative had recently passed. Cem and Will

The Gurdwara is a good area for people. The place is a sharing, caring and peaceful. We felt relaxed and calm. It has mesmerising items that you do not see every day. It is a place you should go…

The Langar

The langar is a place where they cook their food; it is just like a kitchen. They serve vegetarian food only, they will allow dry food as well. Anyone is allowed to help, the place shows that teamwork is used everywhere.

Mune and David

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The Guru Granth Sahib

This afternoon, we will be finding out about the Sikh gurus, including the Guru Granth Sahib.

The links below will help you with this work.



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The Challenge Is On!

Mrs Chamberlain has set the whole school a challenge to be the first class where every member has read the year group set of books.  In Year 6, that means reading 10 out of the 15 books on our list.

As you can see from the graph, no-one in Year 6 has claimed their certificate yet.  We need to change that and half-term is the perfect chance to crack on.

The first class to achieve the goal will receive a reading afternoon to include DVDs, reading activities and relaxation with a book.

So, ignite your competitive streak and get reading!  We will have more of the record sheets available in class if you can’t find yours.

Mrs de B and Mrs R


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Key skills and the end of SATs

Good evening Year 6,

Just a quick note to say that, as we have had SATs this week, we have decided you can have a week without key skills this weekend.  Key skills will resume as normal next week. 🙂

Talking of SATs week, the year 6 team were so impressed with your fabulous ‘can do’ attitude to the tests.  You all came to school each day with a determination to show your knowledge and skills; you worked hard and tried your very best.  We were so proud and couldn’t have asked any more of you.

So… have the greatest of weekends and enjoy the sunshine.

See you on Monday.

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Friday 4th May- Key skills

Happy May Day weekend!

I hope you have recovered from the park run and that you are raring to go with this week’s key skills.

This week, sheets of key skills were given out.  There was a factors and multiples ‘Convince me’ task and some decimals to order.  Finally, there was a sheet of grammar terms for which you need to give some definitions.

If you have lost or forgotten your sheets, please email one of us and we will email it back to you as soon as possible.

Have a happy weekend.  Fingers crossed for some sunshine.


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Friday 4th May- Park Run

What a great ‘Park run’ afternoon; I am so impressed that some of you ran 10k or more!  It was really inspiring.

A special mention goes to one lovely year 6 gentleman who helped me stay at a steady pace throughout my laps and was polite enough not to moan about running with his teacher.  He knows who he is and I am very grateful to him for keeping me from running too fast or dropping out.

So, the weekend is here and now you can have time to rest those aching muscles whilst you do your key skills- the next post!

Have a lovely weekend Churchill class.  Hopefully there will be some sun. 🙂

Mrs R

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Dividing fractions by whole numbers

In arithmetic on Tuesday, we will be looking at some of the different strategies you can use to divide fractions by a whole number.  These fractions might be useful.  remember, find the method that works best for you and stick to it!


Don’t forget to come and speak to the year 6 team if you still don’t understand.

Mrs R, Mrs dB, Mrs G and Mr H 🙂


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Y6 key skills- Friday 27th April

Hello Year 6

This week, key skills work has three parts.  You need to do all three parts please.

Firstly, you have some maths word problems to answer.  Remember to highlight key information and jot down any thoughts you have.  Then answer the questions showing the method you have used.  Remember to look back at your answer to see if the answer is a sensible one.

Next you need to revise adverbials and semi-colons: two things we have covered briefly this week. Please write five sentences that include an adverbial phrase somewhere in the sentence.  Write another five sentences that include semi-colons and showcase your understanding of this tricky piece of punctuation.

Your final task is to log in to ‘Times Table Rockstars’ and set your avatar, your rock name and go in to the studio ten times to set your status.  As a rock legend, I challenge you to beat my times and become a rock hero. The question is… are you up to the challenge? 😉

As always, key skills club will run on a Tuesday lunchtime for those that prefer to work at school and if you need some help, post it the problems and ask on Monday.  Don’t forget you can email if there are any other problems or questions.

Have a lovely weekend (despite the rain).

See you on Monday!

Mrs R 🙂

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