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Examples of fact files for presentation

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Happy New Year!

Evening Everyone

Mrs Rosevear and I have been so pleased with the start to 2018 that Churchill Class have made.  We have had seven days of hard work and enjoyment of our new topics.  Particular highlights are starting our ‘Rainforest’ topic, the teacher’s personal favourite.  We used atlases to identify the regions of the world where rainforests are found whilst also discussing; the equator, tropics, latitude and longitude, the continents and oceans.  Everyone took great care to present their work neatly when transferring information from the atlases to our own world maps.  Not an easy skill!


Mrs R has donned her football coaching hat and two enjoyable, if slightly chilly, sessions have taken place on the playground already.  We’re hoping the FA don’t spot her potential and tempt her with a million pound pay-packet.

Across school, we have started a new spelling scheme and have all adapted quickly to the short, sharp daily activities and are enjoying our trips to space and Planet Spelling.

In English, Mr Hall has been working on Hamlet with all of Year 6 and several drama sessions have taken place.  Make sure you ask your child about the storyline as they are becoming mini experts!

The key skills for this week will be posted shortly.  Don’t forget to continue using your revision guides.

Mrs de B and Mrs R

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Key skills-Grammar and Maths 12-1-18



Literacy-Grammar. Apostrophes

1.       Create a revision card for yourself that tells you when apostrophes are used and how. Remember to give yourself instructions on how to position them correctly.

2.     Complete the sheet attached by re writing the sentences in your books. Remember ALL your punctuation.

3.     Practice spellings from the common exception (Y5 and 6) spelling list.


Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.



Maths- Fractions

This week you have three tasks involving finding fractions of numbers and shapes in preparation for our work next week.


1.       Play FractionTop Trumps with someone at home.

2.     Have a go at the SAT style questions that ask you to find fractions of shapes and numbers.

3.     Record the strategy you used for finding fractions of amount in your key skills books.

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Maths key skills update

Hi Year 6

Thanks to those of you who have tried to access the office mix presentation already.  I think some of you have struggled to access it.  Office Mix is best used on a laptop rather than a phone.  If the link isn’t working, go to your o365 account where I have emailed you a link.  If this still isn’t working or if the email hasn’t arrived for some reason, just send me an email and I will get things sorted as soon as possible.

I hope you are having the loveliest of weekends.

Mrs R 🙂

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Key skills for 1 December, 2017

The last flipped learning task of 2017 is here.  This week, we would like you to revise and strengthen your knowledge about 2d and 3d shapes.  Here is an office mix presentation with some links to websites.  You will need to remind yourself of the names of common 2d and 3d shapes.  There is also a bit of work where we clarify the difference between pyramids and prisms.   Please make notes in your book abut the new things you have learnt and review your learning.  There is a quiz at the end of the presentation to show me how well you have learned the work.


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Key skills- 24-11-17


We have been learning about divisibility rules this week and applying these to help us find factors. Here is the link to a sway that will help you revise the difference between factors and multiples. It will also help you learn about the LCM- I will let you find out what that is.

After revising this information, there is an investigation to help you practice finding all factors of a number and also help with some straight forward addition. At least half an hour on these two tasks please.


Abundant Numbers


To find the factors of a number, you have to find all the pairs of numbers that multiply together to give that number.

The factors of 48 are:

1 and 48

2 and 24

3 and 16

4 and 12

6 and 8

If we leave out the number we started with, 48, and add all the other factors, we get 76:


So …. 48 is called an abundant number because it is less than the sum of its factors (without itself). (48 is less than 76.)

See if you can find some more abundant numbers!


Do not forget to practise your times tables facts- if you are not regularly getting over 140 in your torture tables you have some work to do! 😉



remember to practice some spellings from your year 5 and 6 words list.  One on day one, revise that word and learn another on day two, revise those two and add another new one on day three and so on.

Also revise the pages on punctuation in your revision book.

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All Different, All Equal

As part of anti-bullying week, we have had some really mature discussions about what constitutes bullying, why people might choose to bully and how we all have a duty to report it.  We are now designing posters using the tag lines; ‘All Different, All Equal’ and ‘S.T.O.P.’ to put up around school.

Well done Year 6!

Mrs R and Mrs de B

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Key skills- 10-11-17

We need to revise Roman Numerals! This week, you have a flipped learning task. There is a link here to a sway. Follow the link within the sway to learn (or re- learn) all about Roman Numerals. Note down in your key skills books any new learning or anything you think is important and you need to remember. When you think you have finished, there is a short worksheet for you to do- this will help you practice your skills.

Also… how are your times tables coming along? Can you answer 20 questions on tables master in less than 40s? If not, get practising. If you can, remember to practise and keep this skill in ‘tiptop’ condition!

for your literacy key skills work, please edit the 5 sentences making sure the punctuation is perfect.  To finish off, please write 5 more of your own.


Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.

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Games to practise using negative numbers

Hello Year 6

We will be practising ordering, comparing and adding negative numbers today.  Use the links below to use the games I have chosen for you. 🙂







You might also want to watch a small part of this video to help you think about adding and subtracting negative numbers


Have fun!


Mrs R 🙂

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Investigating Place Value

What a week we had last week!  We used straws to represent the number system and to look at the relationships between the digits.  We made bundles of ten, a hundred and a thousand and were very surprised by how puny ten seems and how many straws one thousand actually is.  One thousand straws is an entire armful.

In a following lesson, we explored the size of tenths and hundredths and why these names were used.  Making proper tenths caused some frustration- they have to be equal sizes you know. And as for hundredths…

Lots of fun and loads of learning for all. A great week’s work year 6. Keep it going!


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