All Different, All Equal

As part of anti-bullying week, we have had some really mature discussions about what constitutes bullying, why people might choose to bully and how we all have a duty to report it.  We are now designing posters using the tag lines; ‘All Different, All Equal’ and ‘S.T.O.P.’ to put up around school.

Well done Year 6!

Mrs R and Mrs de B

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Key skills- 10-11-17

We need to revise Roman Numerals! This week, you have a flipped learning task. There is a link here to a sway. Follow the link within the sway to learn (or re- learn) all about Roman Numerals. Note down in your key skills books any new learning or anything you think is important and you need to remember. When you think you have finished, there is a short worksheet for you to do- this will help you practice your skills.

Also… how are your times tables coming along? Can you answer 20 questions on tables master in less than 40s? If not, get practising. If you can, remember to practise and keep this skill in ‘tiptop’ condition!

for your literacy key skills work, please edit the 5 sentences making sure the punctuation is perfect.  To finish off, please write 5 more of your own.


Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.

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Games to practise using negative numbers

Hello Year 6

We will be practising ordering, comparing and adding negative numbers today.  Use the links below to use the games I have chosen for you. 🙂


You might also want to watch a small part of this video to help you think about adding and subtracting negative numbers

Have fun!


Mrs R 🙂

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Investigating Place Value

What a week we had last week!  We used straws to represent the number system and to look at the relationships between the digits.  We made bundles of ten, a hundred and a thousand and were very surprised by how puny ten seems and how many straws one thousand actually is.  One thousand straws is an entire armful.

In a following lesson, we explored the size of tenths and hundredths and why these names were used.  Making proper tenths caused some frustration- they have to be equal sizes you know. And as for hundredths…

Lots of fun and loads of learning for all. A great week’s work year 6. Keep it going!


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Maths key skills

A bit of a challenge for you this week.


All the Digits

You need to use all the digits from 1 to 9.

12 + 34 + 56 – 78 – 9 = 15

12 + 345 – 67 – 89 = 201

Keeping the digits 1 to nine in order, what numbers can you make?

How will you make exactly 100? Is there only one way to make 100?


Please make sure you spend half an hour on this homework. Show me the incorrect ideas as well as the correct ones.  When you are considering what to do next, why not write those ideas down so I can see your thinking?

Good luck and have fun!


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Reading Gives You Wings

This term we are having a big push on reading in Churchill Class.  Below is a reminder of our expectations (you can of course do more than this!);

-change your book every week and record it on the wall chart in the classroom.

-record your reading in your journals at least three times a week and get it signed by an adult.

-crack on with the Year 6 books from the school ‘one hundred books’ list.


Please post a review of a book that you have read below so that others can enjoy it too.

Mrs de B and Mrs R

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English Key skills 20-10-17

Key skills work for English, like the maths work, should be in your key skills book.  This week, we are revising apostrophes for contraction and possession.  Complete the exercises in your books please.

Also… remember to practise your spellings. Just 5 minutes practise every single day is far better than one big blast a week. 🙂

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Key skills 20-10-17

Maths Key skills:

This week we have been working on division, mostly using 2 digit numbers. Over the past few weeks, we have come to realise how important our times tables are. Your key skills task week will help you with both multiplication and division and many other areas of maths. You need to focus on learning your times tables and making your skills even more slick. Make sure you use ‘Tables master’ or ‘Hit the Button’ at least 5 times daily to improve your times tables scores. See if you can beat your score down to a time of between 30 to 40 seconds. For those of you who find this quite easy, try to learn your 15 times tables and make sure do the ‘Hit the Button’ mixed division questions aiming for 30 correct answers in 1 minute.

There is also a task about the multiples of three for you to tackle. Please make sure you try for 20 minutes or more to see what you can discover about multiples of three.


Multiples of Three

Look at these numbers:

9,7, 247, 102, 39, 45, 73

Some of the numbers divide exactly by 3 and others do not.

Arrange the numbers into two columns – those which divide exactly by 3 and those that do not divide by 3.

Choose some numbers of your own and decide which column they go into.

Next add up the digits of each number you have tested until you only have a single digit.

For example the sum of the digits of the number

365 is 3 + 6 + 5 = 14, and if you add the digits of the answer 1 + 4 = 5.

The sum of the digits 12345 is

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 and 15 is 1 + 5 = 6.

What do you notice?

Try some very hard numbers.

Does the rule still work?

Find out if the same thing happens for 5 or for 7.



Dont forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes after half term for those who prefer to complete this work at school.


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Maths Key Skills: 6th October 2017

Another Flipped learning task this week. Please revise what you already know about Place Value and Decimals. To do this, look at the two pages on ‘Maths is Fun’ – one about Place Value:

And one about decimals:


Please note down in your key skills book anything you think is important to remember (even if you already know it) and anything that is new learning for you.


Read and re-read as many times as you need to so that you really understand. When you have done this carefully and you think you understand, test yourself on the ‘office mix’ quiz. It will give us the results so we will know how well you have done.   The quiz address is

You will need to sign in using your O365 password


Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.

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Saints, Key Skills and Transition Day

We had a wonderful day at the Saints on Friday taking part in a stadium tour, an atomic science session, rugby skills and producing an origami sport’s kit.

You should have taken home an origami shirt and shorts that you made and now need to design a shirt for your Key Skills. The winning designer will receive a Saints themed prize…

The judges will be looking for three main things:
– Originality & creativity,
– Care & precision,
– Effort.

Don’t forget that you’re at your new school on Monday; have a wonderful day and make the most of the opportunity to find your way around, meet new people and leave a good impression on your new teachers.

See you back at S de S on Tuesday.
Mrs de B and Mrs G

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