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Friday 18th October, 2013. Key skills reminder-literacy.

Hello Year 6!

You have 2 parts to your key skills work this week.

Firstly, you need to solve the riddles and find the literacy words in the word search.  I had fun doing this and practise my skills at the same time!

Secondly, search through books or online to find a war poem (ideally about the First World War) that you find powerful or effective.  You need to be able to explain why you have chosen this particular poem.

Have fun!

Mrs R:-)


Sub-ordinate clauses

We have spent some time, in SPaG lessons this week, looking at and identifying sub-ordinate clauses.  Hopefully you will remember, they are sometimes called dependent clauses. Can you remember why? Post your own examples of sentences that contain subordinate clauses on this blog.  Remember, the extra information can be placed at the beginning or end of the sentence.  Can you ’embed’ the information mid-sentence?  Go back and check you have added all the correct punctuation!

Good luck!

Mrs R 🙂

Women Win Wars

This term we are studying WW1- learning about the causes of the First World War, the counties involved and life in the trenches.
After half term our topic will focus on women and how they were involved in the war efforts. Before next week we want you to think of some questions based on information you would like to find out about. Either write them in your key skills book or on the blog. We want to find out what YOU want to learn so get your thinking caps on 🙂


Key Skills Literacy work 11th October 2013

Look back at the picture from last week. Once you have fully analysed the image, please write a descriptive paragraph based on your interpretation of the image. Make sure that you include lots of adjectives, adverbs as well as a description of the different senses and feelings to help set the scene for the reader. Remember your VCOP and writing targets for this term. You may complete this either on the blog or in your key skills book.

Due date: 16th October 2013

Literacy Key Skills – 4th October 2013



In guided reading, we have been using our inference and deduction skills to work out what is going on in the text.  We would like you to practice these skills further, using a picture.

Look at the picture-Annotate a copy of the image or write notes in your key skills book, telling us what you think is happening.  When annotating, think about:

 What do you definitely know & how can this tell you more about the image?

 Who? What? Where? When? Why?

 What is being hinted at?

This work needs to be handed in on Wednesday 9th October and will be useful preparation for next week’s key skills work.



Story writing

Hello Year 6!

Following our work this week on exciting story openers, can you look through some of your books and ‘magpie’ some of the best ways to start a story?  Add them to this blog.  Don’t forget to tell us why they are so effective.