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Key Skills – Science

Posted by on September 12, 2014



















Creative Curriculum:

This week it is very much science related. After Churchill beat Mandela in a very tense blockbluster quiz, we looked at testing the strength of seven different plastic bags. Through many discussions we realised that it was fairly impossible to make the test completely fair; we tried extremely hard to ensure that our results were as reliable as possible.

This is some of our thoughts on what effects the strength of a bag:

 photo (5)

Below is our results table, along with our predictions (we didn’t time it). As you can see, the majority of the people thought JD Sports would hold the most bricks and the second largest amount of people thought the “Tunisia” bag would succeed.

For key skills this week, have a think about the questions below, reply with a paragraph that covers at least two of the questions – if everyone has answered 1 and 2 for example, try and do the others on. We will be using all of the answers are a resource for discussion next week.

photo (4)

1) Why do you think those two bags were the most successful?

2) How could we have made the test more fair?

3) How could we have improved the test?

4) How else could we have tested the strength of plastic bags?

5) What made the test unfair?

6) Do you think our results were accurate and reliable, and why?

Remember, we tried our hardest to make it as fair as possible! 

8 Responses to Key Skills – Science

  1. Kevin Y6

    I thought the JD bag was more durable because, it was designed to hold trainers clothing and- but what if you buy 4 pairs of gargantuan sized boots?I thought the Tunisia bag might of won because, the handle was connected to the bag instead of attached (speaking of which the JD bag handle stretched to infinity) the bag itself was made of decent plastic material. However the it didn’t have the capacity to fit the bricks in so, we had to balance the bricks outwards.
    I think we could have improved it by instead of having bricks to raise the broom we could of used a chair, as those bricks we could of placed in the bag. We also could of thought of more preparation since the bricks fell down no-one expected it coming even though I could see some tension in the bag. There wasn’t a lot of space between us and the table although still safe enough distance, it was still relatively close

  2. daniil

    I think that the two bags were better than the others because they were probably made of a thicker type of plastic and this made them alot stronger.
    When we tested the bags I think the broom needed to be higher because some of the bags were touching the floor which was taking some of the weight of the bricks.
    Instead of testing the whole bag wecould cut bits out of the same size and test the plastic from the bags and they would all be the same size
    We could fix them all in the same place and then use weights in the middle of the plastic section we have cut out , and this would make it alot fairer.
    I dont think that the test was fair because they were all different shapes and sizes.

  3. Luke

    I think we could have improved the test by having something more stable to hold the bags. This was because the broom was too low down and some of the bags were so big the more bricks that went in the lower it went to the ground sometimes touching the ground. The JD bag touched the ground twice so I think it should have been held up higher to get a better view and so everyone could see when it fell to the ground.

    I think the Jd bag and Tunisia bag were the most successful of all the bags because the JD bag was bigger and had more space it also had strong plastic material so it did not split. I also think the Tunisia bag was succesful because the handles were strong and thick also attached to the bag. It was one of the most surprising results as it was one of the smallest bags.

  4. Alicia

    Due to the thick material that both (“Tunisia” and the JD) bags were made of, they were the most successful. When we started predicting the results of this experiment, I thought that the “Tunisia” bag was the most durable. This is because the handle of the bag was made in the actual bag, instead of the JD bag- which the handle was attached on to the bag.
    We could have made the test even more fair by being certain that the bag would not reach the floor as the JD bag stretched so much, that it dragged on the floor. Also, some of the bricks were not put in for the same amount of time. This could have effected the results as some of the bag stretched in seconds. If we left that many bricks in, I think that it could break with much less bricks. Different, the bags may have been used before which means the bag may of stretched previously, before the test. This explains that the two Tesco bags could have different quantities of bricks inside them.
    I think that (because it wasn’t exactly the fairest experiment) our results were approximate. The results are not completely unreliable however, I would not trust it if it was a very major test or if it required to be very precise in measurement. On the other hand, I would refer to this in a small experiment.

  5. K.w

    I think the two bags were the most successful because of the handles, the JD handles because they weren’t falling apart and just stretched because of the material. Also the Tunisisa bags handles were part of the bag and the material was thick. The test could have been more fair if they had put the same weight of bricks in the bag as we did not know as they were different colours. We could have improved the test by using same hight and width bags. We could have tested the strength of the bag by putting full 2 litre coak bottles in the bag till it snapped. Also, the unfair part of the test was the size of the bag because they were all different sizes so the small bags couldn’t fit as many in. It’s not a fair test really, because if its not a fair test then its not accurate, also the JD bag could have gone on for longer- Mr Prosser just needed some assistance, therefore it could have fit in more bricks if he had got some assistance.

  6. Evie

    I believed that the jd bag would be the victor because of the size. But Tunisia proved me wrong, I thought it wouldn’t be the winner due to the tiny size and how thin it looks. But what I was very surprised by the strength of the next bag and the tesco bags. Overall it was the best science lesson I have EVER had!!! 🙂

  7. tillikins

    I think the two bags were both strong and had good capabilities. The JD bag had good Handles therefore it still ended up badly stretched. But you wouldn’t expect a JD bag to carry 13 bricks because it is only made for trainers, clothing etc. The Tunisia bag i thought looked weaker than the JD bag because it had better quality materials but they were both as strong as each other. However the Tunisia bag had handles which was already made on the bag which made the bag stronger than it looked. The JD bag had handles attached to the bag which were still strong but now the best material for the bag.
    1) I thought the bags were most successful as they both had enough strength to carry at least 5-10 bricks .
    2) I think they could have been more fair as there was bigger bags, smaller bags and also there wasn’t the same handles, one could be stronger then the other or maybe weaker then all of them.
    3) I think we could have improved the test by making it more fairer also the bags could be more similar in shape/material.
    4) We could have some plastic bags and we could see how much sand it could carry.
    5)i think the one thing that made the test unfair was the shape of the bags and also the handles.
    6) I think the results were accurate because they were counting whilst going along .
    by Tilli 🙂

  8. ACS

    I thought the Tunisia bag was going to win because the handles were more secure, and the plastic material was strong. I voted for the Clarks bag but after I voted I thought it would only hold 2 bricks. Then surprisingly it held 8 bricks. The JD bag I thought could win because of the size,but then again I thought it wouldn’t win because the bag is only meant for trainers T-shirt etc

    I Thought this was not a fair test because all the bags were all different sizes, and the JD bag one of the biggest so it was obviously going to fit lots of bricks in it. The broom should have been put higher because bags were touching the floor. However some of the bags were the same so for some of it was a fair test

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