An exciting week…

Hello Year 6!

Whether you are off to France or staying ‘chez nous’ in Northampton, you are in for an exciting week.  I wonder what you are looking forward to most?  What do you hope you will see?  What do you want to learn about?  What do you already know that you can share with others? Post a reply to let me know.

I  can’t wait until Sunday!

Mrs R 🙂

2 thoughts on “An exciting week…”

  1. For Tyla Pritchard.
    Hi Tyla and the rest of year 6.
    Hope you are having an amazing time, pictures look amazing. Although Tyla your not in many of them haha.
    Hurry up home tyla, miss u so much and am fed up of hearing “where’s Tyla” 50 times a day haha.
    Have fun at Disney.
    Love you always mum xx

  2. Hi guys!Hope the trip was great!I didn’t go when I was in year 6 but had fun back at school. It’s nice being a small class.
    Good luck to everyone with all their work.

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