The Non-French Lot!

Last week, while lots of our friends were over the Channel, we had a fun-packed week back in sunny Northampton.

Some of the activities we enjoyed were; roller skating disco, picnic planning, purchasing and preparation, a visit to the Saints, a day in Salcey Forest and a pizza making session at Pizza Express. We also managed to produce some stunning work about the history of Delapre Abbey and the Queen Eleanor Cross.

There are lots of photos as well as our final presentation of the research we completed in the Year 6 area- please pop in to see it.

The children had great fun, were well-behaved and have many new memories. The best bit… probably getting the autographs of the Rugby Champions of England and Europe at the Saints.

Well done to Max, Adrian, Kansi, Radu, Gemma, Lucy, Lauren, Laycee, Tianna and Julia.

Mrs Chisholm, Mrs Price and Mrs de Board

2 thoughts on “The Non-French Lot!”

    1. That’s great Kansi, I really enjoyed watching you all making your pizzas at Pizza Express.

      Why was Friday your favourite day?

      Mrs de B

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