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Spelling’s Key Skills


Another suffixes lesson, this time the ‘-ul’ sound.  Have a go at the activity below and see how many points you can achieve.  Share your best score beneath this post.

Some are pretty tricky- use the hint button for a clue!

Good luck.

Mrs de B

1.  Blogging Expectations

blogThink about how our Year 6 blog should be run this year.

Discuss with the people on your table , and record on the blog, some potential guidelines that could be put in place to ensure that the blog is used effectively.

  • What do you expect to see on the blog?
  • What do you expect the standard of writing to be like? Do you want to see hundreds of exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) or text language (LOL) ?
  • How do you think people should behave when using the blog? And commenting on posts?

Perhaps you could also ask people at home what would make them read and comment on our blog.

2.  Research on other blogs 

Follow some of the links below to other school’s blogs. Have a look at some of the exciting things that they have been doing and write down any ideas that inspire you. Leave at least three comments during this session.

Key Skills Friday 3rd October

Hi All

This week in spellings we have been looking at prefixes.  Have a go at this online activity matching root words and prefixes.  How many can you get?

Don’t forget, you also have a reading comprehension to complete for literacy.  ‘Meatpie on the Masham Road’ needs reading, discussing and then have a go at answering the questions in full please.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs R and Mrs de B