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Blogging Tasks

Posted by on October 12, 2014

1.  Blogging Expectations

blogThink about how our Year 6 blog should be run this year.

Discuss with the people on your table , and record on the blog, some potential guidelines that could be put in place to ensure that the blog is used effectively.

  • What do you expect to see on the blog?
  • What do you expect the standard of writing to be like? Do you want to see hundreds of exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) or text language (LOL) ?
  • How do you think people should behave when using the blog? And commenting on posts?

Perhaps you could also ask people at home what would make them read and comment on our blog.

2.  Research on other blogs 

Follow some of the links below to other school’s blogs. Have a look at some of the exciting things that they have been doing and write down any ideas that inspire you. Leave at least three comments during this session.

3 Responses to Blogging Tasks

  1. Alicia

    What I expect of the blog…
    I expect great ideas to be posted on the Year 6 blog. There should be appropriate writing – suitable for the task set. I would like more parents and pupils to comment on the blog. Beneficial, I think that the blog should be used for homework as well as discussions too. This would encourage more parents to get involved with the blog. Therefore, our Year 6 blog will be very successful in many ways; it will not be useless!
    The standard of writing should be at a really high level. Reaching your best ability, the quality of your writing posted on the blog will be the best you can do.
    Before actually posting the blog or comment, you should always check your work to see if the sense and tense is correct.
    Not appreciating extremely informal language, I do not think that hundreds of exclamation marks is at all a wise idea. The teacher might disapprove of this and consequently change your statement. There is a possible chance that your whole comment will be deleted; not shown to the world. When this happens, your whole effort will be wasted. Do you want your entire comment to be deleted?
    Text messaging is not helpful either. It might make things quicker for you. Yet, other people that looks at the Year 6 blog creates a bad impression. This might make parents (wanting their children to come to this school) disgusted at the level of work appeared on the screen. When this might happen, we have lost a member of Simon de Senlis. If this happens to most of the carers of the future students, Reception might be empty, with only a few children across the year group.

    People should behave properly on the school website. I do not think that you should not put your full name or any personal details on the blog as this can cause your safety to be put in danger.

  2. Kevin Y6

    On the blog( which is what I personally think) should be work that isn’t written in an informal way, although it doesn’t need to be a piece of level 5 work of litreacy- as long as it’s not to informal. The internet has created these acronyms ( LOL etc) but this is not suitable for the blog. It’s a place for you to share your thoughts , but some thoughts are
    better to keep to yourself- don’t type anything that comes into your brain, only about the topic. Also keep in mind that it may be emphasis on how great your day was or how begging you need the answer to a question , don’t use excessive exclamation marks or question marks. Speaking of things that are repeated again , no advertisements on the blog , there is no need for it , even if your dad made a company worth millions of pounds , like I said better to keep it to yourself and tell it at break/ lunch time. Think about what would happen if parents who want to enroll their child into Simon De Senlis? If they were to check the blog and look at our comments, if they were to see pieces like : hahhah lollllll!!!!! They then get the impression that our school doesn’t teach us well or the students don’t care and all of that weight is carried onto the teachers for not making anything exciting. I hope I painted a picture in your mind to give you the key to a great blog

  3. T.T

    The school blogs are not for talking to your friends or writing what you have at home because anyone and everyone can look at it and don’t put your real email address because they could search it and find out where you live. Don’t be putting hundreds of exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and we don’t want (LOL) either. Just comment about work and be nice

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