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Spelling’s Key Skills

Posted by on October 17, 2014


Another suffixes lesson, this time the ‘-ul’ sound.  Have a go at the activity below and see how many points you can achieve.  Share your best score beneath this post.

Some are pretty tricky- use the hint button for a clue!

Good luck.

Mrs de B

9 Responses to Spelling’s Key Skills

  1. Ayisha Santos Costa

    Mrs de board my score was 1260

  2. Dan

    My highest score was 800, lots of them were fun but also hard at the same time because I was wondering again and again, trying different combinations and making different words. I tried to do my best and I managed to get a high score of 800 in the end.

  3. ASC

    Mrs de Board on the spellings home work my first score was 1260.Then I went back to the website and got 1980, so I beat it by a mile

  4. TP

    I had a go and my high score was 400 points.

  5. rohan

    my best score was 2500

  6. Alicia

    Firstly, my score was 300. However, (eventually) I gained a score of 1960. This was my best score. After this, I was not able to achieve this score again!

  7. js

    My high score was 900. It wasnt the best but not bad!

  8. Kevin Y6

    My personal best after 10 times was 2800.

  9. y6churchill

    Wow! You guys have been working really hard on your spelling patterns; these scores are great:-) My highest score so far is: 1940 but I did use the hint button quite a few times so perhaps I should lose some points for that!

    Keep going super spellers.

    Mrs de B

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