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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Literacy Key Skills 28th Nov

Please write a letter to the person you wrote about in your biography.  This needs to be a formal piece of writing that is at least 3 paragraphs long. You could explain that you have been writing a biography about them and why you chose them.  Perhaps you could ask them some questions about areas … Continue reading »

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Science- pin-hole cameras

On Thursday 20th November  during our science lesson, we looked at creating “pin-hole cameras”. There are a lot of photos below of us either creating them or using them. What exactly are they?  How did we make them?  How do they work?

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Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s Advert

During our year group assembly on Thursday, we watched Sainsbury’s Christmas advert for this year. Some of us had already seen it and were very enthusiastic about it. Most of the year commented on the advert – it is brilliant, very moving. What message does the advert convey to us? What event is the advert … Continue reading »

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Maths Key Skills 14th November. Have a go at the game above and post your highest score below.  Which known facts did you use to help you?

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Science Thursday 6th November

Light sources Which of the characters is right?  Why?

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