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Science Thursday 6th November

Posted by on November 5, 2014

Light sources

Which of the characters is right?  Why?

2 Responses to Science Thursday 6th November

  1. kansi

    The boy who said, “the sun shines so brightly that we cant see the stars”
    This is right because the stars are a sorce of light, however, due to the fact they are further away thatn the sun, we cannot see them in the day when the sun is shining its light on us. At night time on the other hand, the sun is not shining its rays on us, so the light from the stars can be seen.

  2. kw

    The one at the end because the sun is a light source and the stars don’t move thus people think they disappear and they don’t but the sun shines so brightly that you cannot see the stars.

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