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Maths Key Skills 14th November.

Posted by on November 13, 2014

Have a go at the game above and post your highest score below.  Which known facts did you use to help you?

10 Responses to Maths Key Skills 14th November.

  1. Elena

    Hi Mrs de Board,
    After 10 searches I found 27 bananas. Next time hope to do better!!

  2. kansi

    I managed to get 100/100 on my first go. Then I had another go and got 100/100 again. This is because I actually had a protractor up on the screen. then I had another go without a protractor and had a score off 88/100! I wan’t that far off. At this poit I was determind to get full marks without a protractor. And I did!

  3. TILLI

    My highest score is 52! Kansi, how did you get 100/100 on you first go ?

  4. hannah

    I just played it and got 64/100 and I did it without a protractor. I was aiming for a little higher but I am happy with what I got.

    • y6churchill

      What would you do to be more accurate next time? Do you think your score would improve if you tried again?

  5. CL

    I just played banana hunt and my score was 38/100.

  6. Lily.C

    1) I got 12/100 . Not good 🙁
    2) I got 57/100 . A lot better

  7. D.T

    On the banana game I got a score of 59 on the first go. Then I tried one more and improve my prediction and got 89.

  8. lauren.c

    I went on banana hunt and on the first try I got 24/100, then on the second try I got 28/100. Then I decided to have a few more tries, so here they are:

  9. roho

    I got 72 out of 100.

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