Maths Key Skills 14th November.

Have a go at the game above and post your highest score below.  Which known facts did you use to help you?

10 thoughts on “Maths Key Skills 14th November.”

  1. I managed to get 100/100 on my first go. Then I had another go and got 100/100 again. This is because I actually had a protractor up on the screen. then I had another go without a protractor and had a score off 88/100! I wan’t that far off. At this poit I was determind to get full marks without a protractor. And I did!

  2. I just played it and got 64/100 and I did it without a protractor. I was aiming for a little higher but I am happy with what I got.

  3. I went on banana hunt and on the first try I got 24/100, then on the second try I got 28/100. Then I decided to have a few more tries, so here they are:

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