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Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s Advert

Posted by on November 17, 2014

During our year group assembly on Thursday, we watched Sainsbury’s Christmas advert for this year. Some of us had already seen it and were very enthusiastic about it. Most of the year commented on the advert – it is brilliant, very moving.

What message does the advert convey to us?

What event is the advert based around?


12 Responses to Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s Advert

  1. T.T

    This message is to tell that when it is Christmas you share like this advert just showed you. The advert is based around the world war and one of them on the British side stood up and walked with his arms up in case they shot him. Then the German got there guns and instead of shooting him they played

  2. Kansi

    I think it is trying to tell you about the magic of Christmas. Although they had been shooting at each other for about half a month, they still got together, exchanged gifts and played the first game of football. In conclusion, I think the advertisers are just trying to tell you, get together and enjoy Christmas whilst it lasts. The only part I do not understand Is the fact that the following day they carried on shooting and could have killed their new friends. Also, next Christmas, they shot anyone who tried to do this.
    Where had the Christmas spirit gone?

  3. ASC

    This advert proves that we can all be friends and that we don’t have to fight over nothing. Taking risks can always bring good things. The message is that when you are fighting against someone or don’t like someone you can do the right thing and shake hands to make friends again. I think that the video is based on World War 1, because the video has been made just after Poppy Day. And Poppy Day is all about War. Hopefully everyone wishes that this should have happened in World War 1.

    By ASC

  4. J.M

    1.this is about when in world war 1 they started to sing Christmas carols to each other
    and as our topic world war 1 it is good to learn about it and they started to all play football and they started to share food and souvenirs there was this man he was a hair dresser before world war 1 so he cut the solders hair because they haven’t had their hair cut in months maybe not even years.
    2.this is based around Christmas in world war 1 and they started to sing Christmas carols to each other and a man without a gun stepped into no mans land and said to stop fighting and they started to have a game of football and it was very sunny but the bad thing is they started to fight again.

  5. Cynthia and aliona

    Cynthia and Aliona
    The advert’s message is to stop fighting, to share and have fun.
    the advert is based around Christmas time in the first world war. its very moving

  6. T.T and C.K

    This advert is telling you that you don’t need to fight to get what you want just share and you will still get what you want also I think it is telling you about the magic of Christmas. Taking risks can always bring good things with people you don’t like and make it so you can be friends. In conclusion I think the advertisers are just trying to tell you, get together and enjoy the magic of Christmas.

  7. kansi

    I also think it is trying to tell you to be brave since if that man didn’t stand up with his arms up, none of it would have even happened. They would have just kept shooting

  8. tyla

    This is a really positive advert and sends a message out to everyone and the message is that sharing is caring. I like the idea because although the war was a tragic event if you believe, it can end up positive and can bring peace. I think that it would have been really hard to make friends then go back to fighting them knowing that you might kill them or wound them. The man who went over the top I thought that he was really brave for standing up knowing he might get shot and that kind of risk is always needed in a person.

  9. By K.Wright

    World War One: Christmas Truce
    The most recent advert by Sainsbury’s is the Christmas truce advert which is about the first Chritmas of World War One. It tells of how it was on Christmas Eve and the risks that soldiers had to take to spend a happy Christmas Eve with everyone (which if you look on our Simon De Senlis Year 6 Churchill blog and you can see what Christmas is really about.)
    On Christmas Eve the British had one of their soldiers come up out of the trenches meaning no harm. He wanted everyone to have a friendly match of football instead of people dying and blood splattering everywhere. They would have sung Christmas songs such as Silent Night and other Christmas carols. Then at the sunrise of Christmas day they retreated back to the trenches and exchanged Christmas treats (mainly biscuits and chocolates).
    It was an occasion when the fighting stopped and the allies and the enemies met and greeted each other. This shows you that fighting is silly and that there is no reason for it and there is no reason for not ever being friends with someone you have never even met. These were admirable, determined soldiers that would do encouraging things for a happy Christmas Eve. As well as this, any reason at all is no reason for death, fighting and other things as well. This is also what my thoughts are about war is as well and Sainsbury’s really point that out in their Christmas Truce advert.

  10. Evie

    World War 1 Truce
    The Advert
    This heart-warming Christmas advertisement was composed by the store known as Sainsbury. The advert consists of the carol silent night. This also has a moral behind it: sharing.

    What I think
    To be honest this advertisement will bring in a crowd. Also this really expresses the saying, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” By singing Christmas carols this also shows that we do not have to fight over land. Compromise and negotiation are key skills!

    A lot of emotion is shown for one thing! also a lot of bravery

  11. Tilli.w

    This video is about sharing. The soldiers would have had no game of football and no Christmas if it wasn’t for the brave and fearless soldier. Sharing and caring are both very kind actions you can take. Food in ww1 was NOT good at all and the soldier that had the chocolate didn’t have to share it but he did because he had a warm heart and took the chance to share.
    By Tilli

  12. RR

    I think it is trying to tell you that Christmas is not all about receiving presents. It is about being brave and giving to others (sharing). When Jim went in the no mans land , he had to be very courageous to do that.

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