Literacy Key Skills 28th Nov

Please write a letter to the person you wrote about in your biography.  This needs to be a formal piece of writing that is at least 3 paragraphs long.
You could explain that you have been writing a biography about them and why you chose them.  Perhaps you could ask them some questions about areas of their life that you don’t know about, or for some quotes to include.
Due back on Wednesday 3rd December.

One thought on “Literacy Key Skills 28th Nov

  1. A.S.C.

    On Monday the 1st of December every year 6 child went to a Sikhism temple called the Gudwara. When we went in we sat in all hall with table and chairs. The man (Mr Sing) told us extra information on the 10 Gurus, everyone was intrigued to find out more. Mr Sing told us that the Sikhism religion respects everyone for who they are. They have three words for everyone to concentrate on, they were Respect, Equality and Forgiveness. Mr Sings friend served us with food which was cheese balls custard cream biscuit and a really sweet unusual thing with water in the middle. After that we went upstairs to the prayer hall. We had to take of our shoes for respect and cover our heads for respect. We had to face the guru, and watch the man say a prayer/ song. Mr Sing told us about what Sikhs did in WW1 and WW2. It was pretty amazing. We walked round and had a look at the book. Went back down stairs and went home


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