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Maths links Monday 8th December

Posted by on December 8, 2014

1.  Fraction families:

2.  Dolphin racing- ordering fractions:

Have a go at home too!


4 Responses to Maths links Monday 8th December

  1. ACS

    What’s litracy key skills
    By ASC

  2. kansi

    After three attempts my high score for the triplets was level seven. Also After five races, I had won four of them.

    • y6churchill

      I can’t believe you’re doing our maths key skills from Canada!
      How are you getting on? Did you have a good Christmas? Have you started school yet?

      Thanks for our certificates and your biography that you left us.

      We all miss you!

      Mrs de B

      • kansi

        Yeah my Christmas was really good.
        Also, yes I have started school in Canada.
        I miss you guys too!

        From kansi

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