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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Key Skills Spelling- Mrs Laidlaw and Mrs de B’s group

Today we looked at words with silent letters in: this makes them very tricky to spell! We talked about strategies to help us including sounding out the words. Can you find 10 different words that contain silent letters? Some examples from this morning are: knife, environment, February, surprise and gnash. Mrs de B

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Read All About It!

Last week we looked at writing a newspaper article about the missing man after we found his rucksack. It has now been reported that these articles need to be published for the viewers to read all about it!

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Literacy Key Skills Friday 16th January

Your task this week is to read book reviews posted by other Year 6 children. There are two links below; perhaps you can find some more. After you have read several, post a blog below explaining which of the books you would now like to read and why.  Perhaps you could even invest some … Continue reading »

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Whose Rucksack Was It?

Last week a rucksack appeared in our corridor; we have no idea still whose it is! Who do you think owned the rucksack? What does he/she look like? Was it Nigel Thornberry’s rucksack? I assume not…  

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Whose Rucksack is that?

Our new topic in year 6 is the Rainforest. It’s going to be brilliant! We have an exciting term ahead; we will be learning lots of new things and have Dave, the Rainforest expert, coming in for a fantastic active day. As we began our new topic, a random rucksack appeared in our corridor… Mrs … Continue reading »

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