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Literacy Key Skills Friday 16th January

Your task this week is to read book reviews posted by other Year 6 children.

There are tsnoopywo links below; perhaps you can find some more.

After you have read several, post a blog below explaining which of the books you would now like to read and why.  Perhaps you could even invest some of your Christmas money or visit the library to find one of the books!

Mrs R and Mrs de B

A couple of people have said the links aren’t working- if you copy and paste them into the web address bar, you should be taken to the websites.

Mrs de B


Whose Rucksack is that?

Our new topic in year 6 is the Rainforest. It’s going to be brilliant!

We have an exciting term ahead; we will be learning lots of new things and have Dave, the Rainforest expert, coming in for a fantastic active day.

As we began our new topic, a random rucksack appeared in our corridor… Mrs Rosevear and Mr Prosser had no idea where it came from. However, it turns out Mrs de Board found it on her Christmas travels to the Amazon Rainforest as preparation for our new topic! Who do you think it belongs to? What does it contain? What are all of the items used for? What does it tell you about the Amazon Rainforest?

It would be great if you could solve the mystery!


photo of rucksack