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Whose Rucksack is that?

Posted by on January 7, 2015

Our new topic in year 6 is the Rainforest. It’s going to be brilliant!

We have an exciting term ahead; we will be learning lots of new things and have Dave, the Rainforest expert, coming in for a fantastic active day.

As we began our new topic, a random rucksack appeared in our corridor… Mrs Rosevear and Mr Prosser had no idea where it came from. However, it turns out Mrs de Board found it on her Christmas travels to the Amazon Rainforest as preparation for our new topic! Who do you think it belongs to? What does it contain? What are all of the items used for? What does it tell you about the Amazon Rainforest?

It would be great if you could solve the mystery!


photo of rucksack






17 Responses to Whose Rucksack is that?

  1. ASC.

    OUCH! I was in the Rain Forest exploring all the plants and animals. But then I went flying over a colossal rucksack and then I fell in a ditch. With my neck almost broken I jumped out of the muddy ditch and just glared at the rucksack, I felt it and looked in all the pockets but there was nothing. I opened the main bit of the bag and there was enough to use for a 2 week holiday. I picked up some tent pegs that were all different colours. But as I explored more of the bag there were no tents.

  2. J.M

    BOOM as I walked through the jungle I saw a backpack I was very scared to open it but I did I opened the dirty rucksack there was a passport,compass,tissuses,sandlles,astronought ice cream, hikers support kit

    • J.M

      I was in the rainforest. I was walking through tinging nettles. I saw a rucksack. Carefully I opened it and I saw very important things in there like a passport, loads of survival things, clothes and shoes. There was a thermal coat too.

      To be continued…

  3. tianna

    I was in the rainforest and I stumble over a purple rucksack. I don’t want to open it but I am curious of what was inside. Inside there was a compass. He probably used it to find his way round but maybe not. There was an empty pair of stugeron- I think the owner gets travel sickness so they have the tablets.

  4. Alicia

    I stood, transfixed. A rucksack, laying abandoned, was spotted within the depths of the Amazonian rainforest. I was searching for new species of crocodile. Stepping closer, I caught a glimpse of traces of blood on the floor around the rucksack. Why was there blood? Who did this rucksack belong to? It was modern, purple rucksack that was buried within a pile of leaves. I stared in awe. I was sensing danger. However, my hands opened the bag – I could not stop myself from seeing what was inside. A ripped, United Kingdom passport tumbled out of the bag, falling onto my knees. My thoughts were that the owner of the bag was an explorer as I pulled out a magnifying glass. This explorer must have travelled far. A deafening scream was heard on the horizon…

  5. Evie

    So far my heroic voyage through the depths of the amazon was going just as I had planned. The sounds I could hear were exactly as I had expected but nothing like I imagined. As I received the fresh smell of the all-natural air, I was shocked to see a magenta trap half buried in the dirt….
    I oh so heroically opened the abandoned rucksack and was surprised to see the sight of a fresh bottle of “guaranteed shoe shine,” but why? With high levels of curiosity, I once again explored the bags secrets…

  6. T.P

    As I stumbled into the depths of the jungle I discovered a bright purple backpack which was swamped in blood! I was very curious about what was in it and why it was laying there? I didn’t want to be nosey but I couldn’t help myself but to look what was in it. The first thing I pulled out was a pair of flip flops and wondered why the owner didn’t have them on and why they would even wear that kind of foot wear in the harsh conditions of the rainforest! Then I discovered a trail of blood leading to a smoking campfire next to a cave. The cave was dark and I couldn’t see so I decided to see if there was some sort of torch in the rucksack, I couldn’t find a torch but I found a glow stick and saw…

  7. K.G Y6

    I stumbled across a violet rucksack. It was laying on the scuffed dirt path. The path had a severed arm sticking out of it. Inside the mysterious bag were several items. The items were important.
    The first item I took out was a hiker’s tool kit; indicating whoever had this was intending in a long adventure. The second item was absurd. It was a black vial of shoe shine! This would be the least of my worries – I would have worried more about dehydration. This means the loss of their bag was unintentional. Another item inside was a pair of trousers. The trousers was suitable for a change in weather. The sun slowly went down.
    In the rugged pocket of the bag there was a tatty passport. Neglected. Alone.

  8. K.wright

    The Unknown Rucksack!
    As I was trekking through the forest, I stumbled upon a very modern looking rucksack. I searched around for footprints, but could find nothing. I glanced at the rucksack wondering who it belonged to……
    I stayed as still as I possibly could, debating whether to look inside it or not. Finally, after one hour of debating, I chose to take it back to my tribe and look for evidence of who it belonged to. I went into my habitat and silently opened it and looked. I said to the rest of my tribe that I heard a large crash in the forest and I thought it could have been one of the travellers, who was on the crashed vehicle, bags. I spied an English passport with the emergency contact of Li Clayson and E Clarke. Who is this mystery man???

  9. Julia and Lily J

    We were on are way to the Amazon to discover a new species of animals. We were brushing through the leaves. suddenly… there was something on the floor. At first we didn’t know what it was but after we moved closer, we clearly knew what it was! There was nobody around. We moved even closer and had a look inside.

    Inside there was traveling kit but as we looked up to the trees we saw lots of clothes… and blood.

  10. R.S WP

    As I trampled around the amazon rainforest, a rucksack crashed on the ground with great velocity. We all are asking: who does it belong to, why do they have it and where are the owners of this violet rucksack. I tried to search around for footsteps but there were none. With curiosity I opened the bag…

  11. R.R

    As I saw the rucksack I froze. Whose was it? What was in it?

    As I was exploring plants, I could feel the thirst and the laziness from my body. I saw my only hope in the rainforest which was the only source of water in that area. I’ve been exploring in the rainforest nearly all the day and as I approached the waterfall I began drinking the life saving water. Then I saw something lying on the floor,something blue. I ran up to an abandoned rucksack and opened it as quick as a lightening . I found lots of objects that help in the rainforest. There is someone here was the first thought that came into my mind. I took it with me as I carried walking throughout the rainforest . Suddenly I saw a t-shirt ripped on top of a tree and…


  12. jack

    On Friday 9 of January we found a mysterious rucksack . We were looking for leaves , sticks and stones for our den to Sleep in . It was hard . We wasn’t finding anything , UNTIL… We went back to our dens / hammocks , then we found a rucksack sourrounded by blood and tablets … what happened ? by Jack

  13. Lucy

    The rucksack Amazon mystery.

    A rucksack was found and abandoned in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. Who did it belong to? What were the items in the bag used for?
    -passport-to go somewhere-already travelled to 3 country’s
    -flip flops-foot wear
    -shoe polish- camouflage
    -water proof trousers-for when it rains
    -travel plug- electricity
    -campus- travelling
    -hikers support kit – first aid
    Astronaut ice cream- hunger aided
    Tablets- health
    Magnifying glass- look for small incects

    These items are all connected by its use of travelling and surviving in the Rainforest.

  14. Court + pa


    Who is this person male or female?
    When did the person come here?
    Why did this person come here?
    Where did this person go, are they still alive?
    Its our mystery now…

  15. Paris

    Paris R
    Unaware of what was inside the rucksack, I reached my hand into the bag, wondering if it could come back out?

    Soon after, my hand crept back out with an
    empty packet of tablets,
    extra large flip flops,
    a health pack,
    astronaut ice cream,
    a magnifying glass,
    shoe polish,
    water proof trousers,

  16. ASC

    Also there was shoe polish, I found that weird because you wouldn’t have shoe polish if you were in the middle of the rainforest. Flip flops were right in the bottom of the they were extra large and a navy blue colour. I tried them on myself but they were thrice the size of my feet. Out of the corner of my eye in the rucksack was a passport I was grieving to find out the PRIVATE information about the person. But I looked in every single page but there was no clue of anyone’s name of birth date, there was nothing. I decided to take the rucksack and carry on my journey.

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