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Whose Rucksack Was It?

Posted by on January 12, 2015

Last week a rucksack appeared in our corridor; we have no idea still whose it is! Who do you think owned the rucksack? What does he/she look like?

Was it Nigel Thornberry’s rucksack? I assume not…


5 Responses to Whose Rucksack Was It?

  1. Evie

    I wonder who?
    A few days back I had stumbled across a rather odd rucksack. Due to the items inside I began to wonder what kind of explorer would carry such utilities. I started to think, “if they carry shoe shine they must be some kind of perfectionist.” If it was a perfectionist it must have been a brunette, no wait maybe it was a blonde, hmm, no, defiantly a brunette. Then it puzzled my mind what gender the adventurous soul may be? According to the anti-unisex name (Cloe) I realised it was a girl. I rummaged some more through the bag and found a diary, I began to read. She seems to be a quite bubbly person. Also survival looked quite key to her, solar panels, footwear, waterproof clothing, a survival kit!

  2. LJ123

    The big banishment
    A young teacher at Simon de Senlis primary school has lost her iPad and has searched the whole school but cannot find it anywhere. The children suggested that it has been stolen. A detective came in to help find it but there are no clues that can link to this mysterious disappearance.

  3. J.M

    Rucksack discovery

    There was a rucksack found in our corridor, I think it is been delivered by a man who has lived in the rainforest for over 300 years. This man has a big beard and he is very old. He is the KING of the rainforest he gets on well with all the animals. This man carries very dangerous species on his journey. This man is called John Jones when he was a little kid he has always liked animals, he was never scared of the spiders and all the other scary species. He has made his own home out of wood and he eats dead things like rabbits, spiders and all sorts. He does not have any clothes to wear so he covers himself in leaves, he has a pet dog and his name is called Rex, they live together in the little hut and John has made Rex a bed out of leaves. Will he be found?

  4. C.K

    A Description of Nigel Thornberry

    Nigel Thornberry is a weird looking man. He has ginger hair on the top of his fat head. Nigel has ginger eyebrows across his forehead. Across his top lip he has a ginger most ash. His eyes are black. Nigel wares a yellow shirt with green cressed shorts also with different pockets. Nigel also has a coxney accent.

  5. tilli ann

    My description of Bob the explorer

    Bob is a weird featured man with ginger freckles and greasy hair. Bob loves to explore and especially loves toucans with their little baby tocos. Bob basically now lives in the rainforest as he loves mother nature and found family with the animals. The toucan lover, bob, frequently came from Scotland.

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