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Literacy Key Skills Friday 16th January

Posted by on January 16, 2015

Your task this week is to read book reviews posted by other Year 6 children.

There are tsnoopywo links below; perhaps you can find some more.

After you have read several, post a blog below explaining which of the books you would now like to read and why.  Perhaps you could even invest some of your Christmas money or visit the library to find one of the books!

Mrs R and Mrs de B

A couple of people have said the links aren’t working- if you copy and paste them into the web address bar, you should be taken to the websites.

Mrs de B


18 Responses to Literacy Key Skills Friday 16th January

  1. R.R

    I would read the” There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom”.

    I would read it because I really like it at books when it starts like straight into action and I like short chapters. Also the description Louis Sachar gave was quite an interesting one.

  2. Alicia

    I have read the review by Liane about the book: The Last Cat.
    I want to read this story because Liane has described a few key details about the story – not too much too spoil the book. Although the title for the book doesn’t seem interesting, the year 6 child has recommended the book to children that are between nine and twelve year olds. According to her, I am the perfect age to be reading this book. Her favourite part of the book makes me think. What would my favourite event in the book be?
    I wouldn’t have wanted to read this book if Liane didn’t give much description because I was not interested in the title. Therefore, I would like to read this story.

  3. Evie

    I would like to read “there’s a boy in the girls bathroom” because it sounds funny. Also it was recommended by a child my age. I feel this book sounds like it would make me want to start reading more often!

  4. Tyla

    I would like to read Soccer Squad because I think paint balling is really fun and I also love football. I start lots of books but then put them back down because I get bored. This book sounds as if I would be interested in it and won’t put it down and stop!

  5. Kevin Y6

    I would like to read the book “Hero and the Sinking Ships”. The moment I read the first sentence of the review I was sold. I adore books that have the main characters non-human. With the name like “Hero” I instantly want to read this. The age recommendation is 8 and up. Due to a Year 6 child reading this I assume this is perfectly suitable for my age. The sinking ships of the “Hero and the Sinking Ships” made me wonder. Is the main character on the sinking ship? Is it them witnessing a sinking ship?
    Or is the sinking ship an analagy/ metaphor? These kinds of books make me want to delve back into the infinite galaxy of reading

    • tillikins

      I would like to read the book “Soccer Squad” this is purely because of the fact that the boy does not give to much information about what is going in in the book. I would love to hear more about the book because of the ideas what have been said. So far what i have heard i would rate this book about 7.5/10, this is because it has a great story line and well thought out. The title of the book actually tells you want the book is going to be about (football). The boy didn’t actually recommend what age the book is based at but from what i have seen this book would be perfect for children aged 8-14.

  6. Tilli

    I would like to read the book “Soccer Squad”. This is purely due to the fact that the boy does not give to much information about what is going in in the book. I would love to hear more about the book because of the ideas that have been said. So far from what I have heard I would rate this book about 7.5/10. This is because it has a great story line and is well thought out. The title of the book actually tells you want the book is going to be about (football). The boy didn’t actually say what age the book is aimed at but from what I have seen this book would be perfect for children aged 8-14.

  7. jack.s

    Pied Piper of Hamelin Russel Brand

    The plot : First of all a boy named Sam was born . Since the Hamlinians are snobs / upper class, everyone has to be as perfect as Fat Bob -the most gorgeous child in Hamelin. Sam’s mum was not giving in! He was the bully. Sam decided to make peace and he then watched over the gorgeous Hamelin pageant. All of a sudden rats … pirates attacking the village raiding and destroying !It became a DISASTER .
    Then… a noise came. A wonderful yet distractive and beautiful sound of a flute.
    The punk like Pied Piper strolled to the top of the hill and fluted the rats away- as quick as a tick (this is also one of the rhymes.) He then came back at 6 o’clock the next day and spread is hand out to be paid the Hamlinians didn’t agree! They ended up giving the Pied Piper a bag of gold and he wandered off into the fields. Then Sam became the new mayor since the old one was a nuisance. And they lived happily ever after….
    This book is a very good book . It has humour, intelligence and also fantasy.
    WWW: I liked the mini glossary on each page. Also the rhymes and minute poems. Most of the rhymes and poems are traditional but with a twist which I really enjoy! Also I think that everyone that reads this book will have a connection with the characters.
    EBI: It may have been better if the Pied Piper was Sam since the Hamlinians didn’t accept him because of his looks. They say things like “He is not living with us.”

  8. ASC

    I like the sound of ‘There Is A Boy In The Girls Bathroom’ because it has an eye catching title and also in the review it doesn’t say anything about who is in the girls bathroom. That makes me want to read on because I am more interested in about who goes into the girls bathroom. Also it must be major because boys never should go into the girls bathroom. The review needs improving for a year 6 child because the language is not hard enough. To back that up there was no description and in review I think you need description to make the reader feel like they want to read on
    By ASC

  9. Lily

    I would like to read there is a boy in the girls bathroom. I like it because it keeps you on the edge and I would like to find out more on the characters and who went in the girls bathroom. Also I would like to know why go in the girls toilets. it was recommended for my age group. The boy who wrote the review did not give a lot of detail on the story line and that is why I would like to read this book.

    by Lily Johnson

  10. E.L

    The story “There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom” sounds funny and I would like to read on and find out about why there is a boy in the girl’s bathroom. Also it has an eye-catching title and it makes me want to read the story. I read the blog and it sounded strange because it said about a boy giving a girl a replica of a human heart. In my opinion the title should have been about the boy giving the girl the heart, not about a boy in the girl’s bathroom.

  11. Lucy

    My idea of the book called Clementine reviewed by Rachel. She had said that the book is humorous and exciting. I like books that will make me giggle inside. Although she had written that it’s around the ages between 7 to 9, I’m 9 years old and I feel as if it would be a great book for me. I like to not be able to put the book down (I like those kind of intriguing books). The reviewer described the content of the book by saying it’s about a girl named Clementine who is very naughty and mischievous now that sounds really interesting and I want to find out about what she had been up to. Overall, it sounds like a really good book to read with a hint of humour and I hopefully will be able to read this exciting book in the future. By Lucy

  12. kasey

    I would read the story called ‘Hero and the Sinking Ships’ because it doesn’t just tell you about what the characters are like, it tells you so much more such as: Where it is set, a bit about what happens, what could be better and what they liked. It intrigued me because of the name of the book. “Hero” and the sinking ships, it is almost saying as if the rat,Hero, is the hero in the story. It made me question if “Hero” was a hero not the name of a rat. Also, it made me question about the sinking ships and how they sunk. As well as that in the review it says that the rats are travelling to the tropics and so I wanted to read more of the story so it could answer my questions. I would definitely read this book.

  13. court

    I would really like to read the book ” Soccer Squad” because I am a Liverpool fan and their home team colour is red. Also football is one of my favorite sports along with tag rugby and basketball. What really caught my eye about the review of this intriguing book is that the coach of the team was really encouraging them because he was saying that if they win they would get to go paint balling. That also brings me onto another fantastic part about the review of the book itself. You don’t know if the team win or not so it instantly makes you want to read on. I think that the person who wrote the review could have added more things that they liked about the book instead of just what happened in it so I think that would have made me want to read it straight away, but other than that it was just great to read all of those positive comments.
    By CD

  14. C.k

    I would read there’s a boy in the girls bathroom because I would love to read on about the boy who was in the girls bathroom and find out how he ended up in there.Also I think that sounds very funny. It wants me to the book.

  15. Luke Thomas

    I would like to read There is a Boy in The Girls Bathroom because it makes me want to read on and it is very well written out. But it isnt really about a boy in the girls bathroom its mainly about two friends.Thats whey I recommend reading this book.

  16. D.T

    Out of all of the book reviews I would read 13 Secrets because it sounds like a good book with all the murders and the whole unknown feel to it. It talks about all of the veriaty of characters in the book like some people are positive whilst some are negative so you never know if something is about to go wrong or if it was a over reaction by the children. The review was quite a simple one but you could tell strate a way it was going to be a great book. If I were to rate this review I would rate this a 8 out of 10. If and when I read this book I would predict that it would be a 9 out of 10

  17. William

    I think that the boy in the girls bathroom is the best because why would a boy be in the girls bathroom? The two main characters are Bradley and Jeff. Bradley was alone until Jeff came and became friends with Bradley. later after they were best friends, Jeff became a member of a gang and Bradley was alone again!
    After that Bradley was invited to a party and gave them a fake heart to them. I found that funny and would rate this*****stars because it is really funny. I would recommend this to children aged 8 years-13 years old.

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