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Monthly Archives: February 2015


We have been adapting our games using scratch.  Some are finished, some are work in progress.  Why not have a look so far.

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Reading in Year 6

This week’s blog is to let me know about the book you are reading at the moment.  Who is the author?  Is there an illustrator?  What is the plot of your book? What makes it enjoyable and would you recommend it? What do you think could be improved?

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Key skills for half term- Maths (Mrs Rosevear’s group)

Just a reminder that I have set ten mathletics activities- one for every day of the holiday- to keep your maths skills simmering away. It is better to have a 5- 10 minute practise everyday of the holiday although you might choose to do your sessions all in one go.  Whichever method you choose, please … Continue reading »

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key skills for half term- literacy

Hello Churchill class! I don’t think Mrs Laidlaw was able to find the reading comprehension papers for you to look through so I have different key skills work up my sleeve! Please invent a game to help other children practise their SPaG skills at the level you would expect to find on a SPaG test. … Continue reading »

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Literacy key skills 5th February

In SPaG this week, one of our many activities was to brush up our understanding of nouns.  The teachers threw in a few nouns you had not yet encountered: collective nouns.  Your key skills this week is to research the words used to describe a collection of something and list some that are new to … Continue reading »

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Maths percentage game

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Spelling key skills- Mrs. Rosevear’s group

Today as part of our lesson we tried a ‘Spelling Bee’ activity.   We looked at words that end with ed.  Can you remember and tell me about one of the patterns?  Add ten words that end with -ed.  Can you think of some words that sound as if they should end with t but … Continue reading »

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Spelling key skills- Mrs Laidlaw’s group

Following our lesson on silent letters today, please use the silent letter words from last week’s blog to make sentences including 2 or more of the words eg my wrists are wrinkled!

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Scratch Debugging

During today’s lesson we are looking at debugging. This game has a few errors in it. Can you solve them? Log into scratch, then go on “see inside” and you can edit it and improve it. At the end of the lesson we will share some of the improvements we have made to the game. … Continue reading »

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