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Reading in Year 6

Posted by on February 23, 2015

This week’s blog is to let me know about the book you are reading at the moment.  Who is the author?  Is there an illustrator?  What is the plot of your book? What makes it enjoyable and would you recommend it? What do you think could be improved?

12 Responses to Reading in Year 6

  1. ljj

    A few weeks ago Dave the rainforest man came to year 6 because there topic was the rainforest. We learned about tribes and there clothing. We also learned about the animals and we also found out that a milk snake looks a lot like a deadly snake like in movies but they are merely a helpless milk snake. Year 6 also made tribe necklaces that they would wear on special days or when a child is born. Did you know that the boy’s would hunt whilst the girls stay at home?
    There are many animals in the rainforest that are harmless and some that are deadly, like the Miskito it is the most deadly of them all.

  2. ASC

    The book that I am reading is called : Tom Gates
    This book is about a 12 year old boy (called Tom) who goes to secondary school. He is a bit of a trouble maker but does make up for it. Tom has a sister called Delia and they absolutely hate each other. Last of all Tom has a best friend called Derek. They always hang out with each other.

    Itis Toms first day back at school and when he enters his class something completely bad happens. Before Tom was sat right at the back of the classroom so he could read his comics. Now his teacher has moved him right to the front therefore he can’t read his comics. Tom said that there was one good thing about the seats being re-arranged-he sat right next to his ‘crush’ Amy Porter. The only problem is that Amy is never impressed by Tom. However, Tom is happy because he will be able to get a few right answers. But there is still a bad thing sitting right at the front with Amy Porter, its that Marcus Meldrew is the bully and the nosy one.

  3. aliona

    Cartea mea se numeste Billy Bonkers .Autorul este Giles Andreae si Nick Sharratt.Este o carte foarte interesanta.In care se zice in ea despre un baiat Billy care face doar glume.
    Poti inca sa zici ca povestea se poate inca numi Aventurile lui Billy.

  4. J.M

    so at the minute the class we are reading Granny by Anthony Horowitz and it is very good to read and it is very funny to read. I recommend that they should put in more detail but the book is very funny, and there I a granny in there were the child joe warden dosent like the food

  5. D.V

    The book that I am reading is called “Jessie’s story”. Andrew Farley wrote the book. He also wrote Suzy’s story and others. The story is about a girl and she wanted a dog. They went to the dogs home to choose one and now she has a dog.

  6. K.G

    I am currently reading a book called: ‘The Big Fat Smelly Ogre’. It was a poor choice seeing as the entire story was told through pictures. The front cover was very interesting however the writing itself was poor. After reading more I discovered it was aimed at little children. However I still gave the book a chance. I have to admit that the book did do a good job at making me laugh. Several sentences such as: When did the farting start occurring?”, put a smile on my face. I would recommend this book to young readers.

  7. R R

    I am currently reading a book called” Skeleton Key – Alex Rider Mission 3″
    By Anthony Horrowitz.
    The book is about Alex Rider( who is a spy) and it’s about him on 10 missions. He goes to save the world from this evil man that wants to destroy it.

    I like this book because from the beginning it gets you into the action and straight on there is a lot of action and so you know, I like action. I also like this book because I like police and if you are a spy ,you are obviously working for the police. I recommend this book to both ages, young and middle age.

  8. Alicia

    The Diamond Brothers in South by South East
    This is the third book in the Diamond Brothers series. I have not read the previous books. However, I understood the text from the beginning of the story. The famous author, Anthony Horowitz, has created this hilarious adventure for Tim Diamond – literally the worst private detective ever.
    The plot itself is very exciting; a secret killer (known as Charon) is trying to kill a Russian diplomat called Boris Kusenov. The Diamond brothers are broke… Until a stranger offers them £50 just for an old overcoat. All of a sudden, this stranger, who was actually a spy, laid motionless on the floor. He was dead. This means the Diamond brothers will have to help the agency company to stop Charon.
    I have not finished this book yet, but I find this story very interesting. The writing in this book is decent: there is suspense and humour in this book. Overall, it is an amazing book and I recommend it to all ages.

  9. E.L

    I am reading Petal’s story by Amy Watson. The book is possibly actually a real life story about a dog called Petal, who was abandoned and found by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The book is about an eight-year-old girl named Gemma, who has always dreamed of having a puppy of her own, but cannot have one, as the house she lives in is far too small, as she has six older brothers and sisters. However, her two oldest brother and sister are leaving for University, so there may be enough room for a very small puppy.
    I think the book is very interesting because it is about an abandoned dog coming to live in a house where there is lots of children. I think I am a lot like Gemma in the story because I love dogs myself and have always dreamed of owning one. I have read the book many times and have always found it interesting. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

  10. R.S

    I am currently reading ‘Scorpio Rising’ by Anthony Horowitz. The book is about Alex Rider (the main character.) He has to find Scorpio and try to kill him. The setting is in London and there are spies around who are working for Scorpio who are trying to kill Alex.

  11. CED

    Recently I have been reading a great book named “Vampire Academy”. I do not know the name of the author as, today, I don’t have it with me.
    I really like this book because it has a mixture genres including: romance, action, thriller and fantasy. Another reason why this is a great book is because you just want to read it all day just to find out what is going to happen next!
    I really do recommend this book to anyone who likes a mixture of genres.

  12. Evie

    At the moment I am reading a book by Jeremy Strong called the 100 miles per hour dog. It is a series of events which a young boy must find a way to walk his dog, Rocket. You may be thinking, “How hard is it to walk a dog?” Well, this dog is as quick as a lightning flash. But he must find a way to by the end of the one week holiday to get a thirty pound reward. He tried wearing roller skates, well that resulted in a possible robbery. However, this is only one of the tens of the attempts that this determined child plays out. This book is very adventurous and you never know what’s around the corner. this book has made me laugh several times. This has no pictures.

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