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Posted by on March 5, 2015

Wow-  what a week we have had!  A medieval banquet, the knighting of Simon and the mysterious disappearance of Lady Arabella to mention just a few things. What are the other things that I have not mentioned?  What are your suspicions about Arabella’s disappearance?  What have been your highlights so far.

Mrs R. 🙂

17 Responses to WAKWHS2

  1. J.M

    I think that a man kidnapped Arabella and she is MISSING! We are all very sad and we are trying to find her. Simon has gone on a mission to find her. He is determined. I hope we find her.

  2. Alicia

    Yesterday, Simon de Senlis received news about Simon, the courageous knight who had once slayed a dragon. Until Lady Arabella vanished mysteriously, Simon was safe. However, the Industrious (his ship) has experienced troubles in the sea; the knight is on an adventure once again!
    Whilst feasting on our medieval banquet, Lady Arabella joined us. As she was about to make a grand speech, a black figure grabbed her. Who was this? Why and where would they take her? Many bystanders have stated that they thought that the person was a man. There was even a list of suspects including: Mrs Rosevear (who was acting suspiciously); Mr Prosser and Miss Duffy- they were wearing black. On the other hand, even with suspects, nobody has seen Arabella since Monday.

    • Mrs Chisholm

      Lady Rosevear was with her lady in waiting (aka Mrs Chisholm) at the time Lady Arabella went missing. However I cannot recall the whereabouts of sire Prosser or serf Duffy!

  3. LB

    Mysterious disappearance…

    On Monday this week it was time to dress in medieval clothing! We had a couple of special guests who were: Simon, Lady Arabella and her lady- in- waiting. The whole of the school were visited by them and we were able to ask a couple of helpful questions to find out more about them. Eventually it came to the moment for lunch and we ate the traditional foods from those days which were: Chicken drumstick, corn on a cob, large amount of bread with flour and for desert we had scones and butter (yummy). Lady Arabella had something to say and stood up when…Suddenly, a black hand came out from the hall and snatched the lady and vanished without out a trace so far. However, servant Lutas Brown went to Simon with a request to find her royalness and bring her home to safety. He did so and set off in a boat to his quest. His ship is called Industrious and was hit by a storm and sunk! Count Prosser set sail to a beach also in search for Lady Arabella. And here we are in…the middle of a crime scene. My opinion is that she was kidnapped by her acquaintance who was jealous of her fame.

    By Lucy

  4. RR

    Yesterday it was a pretty fun day and all of us enjoyed it. It started off with an assembly and the ship that Simon was on, the good ship “Industrious”, was just sailing calmly when a storm commenced. TOur literacy lesson followed and we had to write a good paragraph using lots of description.
    This is my paragraph:

    As the sun disappeared, the gigantic waves began closing in.The horror-movie like dark clouds arrested the sky and covered the whole ship threatening the crew. The Industrious still kept going but it wouldn’t last for much longer. A vicious wave struck the ship pushing it closer to the dark, sharp rocks and then another one crashed loudly into the vessel which couldn’t contradict. The ferocious wind was smashing everything out of the way with fury heading to the hurried ship. Suddenly you could hear the deep prayers of the crew but that still wouldn’t help. Then it happened. The huge wave of terror struck and the whole crew on the ship were thrown overboard…

    Also, earlier int he week, we had an amazing feast at which we were served :chicken drumsticks, corn on a cob and the dessert was a scone. It was yummy!

  5. C3D

    On Monday 2nd March we all dressed up as medieval characters and today (Thursday 5th March) we have been asked to dress up again.
    As you might know Lady Arabella has gone MISSING. We all have ideas of what might have happened to her. I think that she was taken to a ship by an evil pirate captain and is being held hostage. Simon has gone to find her and rescue her.
    Yesterday a range of pirates invaded the school and were shooting at us with water guns. They climbed on the apparatus and the captain was barking orders to the rest of the crew.
    Going back to Lady Arrabella nobody knows where she is but we plan to find out!

  6. D.T

    My highlight was probably where the the staff dressed up in pirate costumes yesterday. The reason I picked the assembly was that it was full of excitement and so we could learn that Simon was in danger. I think the princess, Lady Arabella, was taken to a black cave guarded by a blood stained dragon who has the might of a thousand men and the strength of five thousand bears.

  7. Mrs Chisholm

    Yes, I enjoyed seeing Mrs Rosevear dressed as a sailor!
    Your dragon is an awesome character; I certainly wouldn’t want to meet it.

  8. An unknown source

    What? Who? The answer is one name, Simon of Senlis was knighted for his courage, and after that we then had a royal banquet. Everything was perfect and marvels until Lady Arrbella was going to make a speech when out of nowhere she was kidnapped by a Mysterious person wearing a black hooded character. Simon was devastated and after the sun went down he set off on his quest to find her.

    Who do you think dis it? Please reply.

  9. J@ck SPAR

    Arrabella …

    I think lady Arrabella’s maid made a man do this terrible crime since lady Talitha was JEALOUS of her …

    Maybe Simon had something to do with this since he wasn’t shocked about this , or was Lady Arabella seeking attention?

    It was a DRAGON that Simon needs to defeat in his quests ..

    to be continued ……………………..

  10. Evie and Tyla

    What? Who? But most of all-why?
    On Monday march 2nd, lady Arabella went missing. This has led many on to the train of thought of why, and how, maybe even who. Our personal thoughts on this are that Arrabella was taken. You may be thinking, “Evie, Tyla,everyone thinks that,” but we have additional info. The location for which she has been resigned to is the rainbow spurting volcano on the island of lost dreams. The neighbour of Arabella is a top suspect since, a few weeks ago, he performed treason against Arabella. Another top suspect is the keeper of the colourful lava pot.

  11. P@ris R

    I think that the lady in waiting may have captured Lady Arabella as she was not in the room at the precise moment- 23 minutes past 12 and I could sense some jealousy before the incident when all three had visited our classroom. Although I have a small sense that Simon could have been the head of the plan, he could not have been the one who had done it as he was in the room when the incident occurred. It is suspicious though as he did not show a single sign of shock or sadness for her and they were apparently very close friends when they were young.

    • Mrs Chisholm

      Very observant. Simon didn’t rush to Lady Arabelal’s rescue instead he continued eating his chicken leg!

  12. celina

    On the 2nd March this lady had arrived to our school. She had a long red cape and a long black dress. She also had blond hair and a tiara with lots of white gems . Her name was lady Arrabella when we had lunch she came to to give a speech but instead of giving a speech she was kidnapped. Most of us children were finding out who took Lady Arabella. Three children from year 6 went up in assembly and told the school who they thought it was. This is what happened on Monday!

  13. ASC

    Lady Arabella!
    It was a tragic moment last Monday in the court, it was all fine until the resistible Lady Arabella was about to give a speech and then she was kidnapped. Nobody had a clue where she had gone or who had taken her. But it appeared that the person who kidnapped her had evil black cape with a hood. There was many ideas of where she had gone but my idea is that Simon had planned for this to happen. So then Simon would have more attention. I also think that the reason why he went after her is because he can be a great knight and not to fail Earl Rees. My other thought is that Simon will do something similar to Arabella’s servant, before she finds out what really happen to Lady Arabella. Is Simon the noble knight that you think he is?

    My favourite highlight of the medieval week is being able to face to face with Simon, Arabella and her servant

    By ASC

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