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WAKWHS- The plot thickens

Posted by on March 12, 2015

So, year 6.. it is nearly time to write your story.  What do you think the plot will be?

10 Responses to WAKWHS- The plot thickens

  1. C.M

    I think that my problem might be when Simon set of for his adventure and got stranded on the beach. However my third problem was when Simon and Lady Arabella went off on the ship and a storm set and the ship broke. Eventually they were able to escape and get onto dry land.

  2. Alicia

    For my story, the plot is that Lady Arabella is guarded by a fierce dragon. The reason that Arabella was taken by the beast is because a cunning wizard, who was pretending to be courteous to Simon, purposely kidnapped Arabella to experiment with her royal blood! The wizard appears to be helping Simon defeat the dragon. On the other hand, he has devised a devious plan to overthrow Simon on his quest. After Herlin (the wizard), “saves Simon with his miraculous powers”, a dark side is shown to the reader. He was wearing a mask to his appearance and feelings to trick Simon into thinking that he was a friend – but he was not.
    Herlin was the one that took Arabella to an underwater cave, where Dragathon – the mischievous dragon- lived. With a spell, Dragathon, although guarding Arabella, is immune to eating or killing the Lady.

  3. J.M

    What is being discussed in our class is we are saying that there is a pirate who has ‘got’ her. He is called captain Bob. So our strong king is going to save her. The knight is going to go on his great ship Industrious. She went missing at the great hall and we all want to see her back again. We rely on the brave knight.

  4. txllx wxrxex

    My plot
    My thoughts are that Simon comes across a mischievous old man called Rodger and he makes an evil blackmail. The man offered to tell him where Lady Arabella is if he gives him the unicorn horn he came across earlier. Many people say this man is not trustworthy but Simon is desperate to find Arabella. So Simon hands over the unicorn horn and the sly man gives him the address. He sets off on his quest but before he can enter he came across a glass bottle which held a note. The note said…

  5. C0URtn3y

    I think that after Simon washes up on shore (when Industrious was destroyed.) He will discover a mysterious cave. He comes across a three headed lizard! Finally after hours and hours of agony, the ruthless knight slays the beast. Simon carries on with his quest that he knows not of which is going to happen …

  6. Rohan

    My plot is that a minotaur comes and kidnapped Lady Arabella. The reason why he kidnapped her is because Simon killed his cousin the Cyclops and is trying to get revenge. Then Simon has to get these four things: a enchanted diamond sword; a potion of wisdom; unicorn horn and a golden apple. Then his apprentice (minitaur) try’s to stop Simon from get back Lady Arabella.

  7. Ty1@

    In my story Lady Arabella is taken by a hooded figure that guard the dark lair that is sculpted in to the fire screaming volcano. However the guard isn’t the problem it his/her pet!.. Her pet is a seven headed medusa that has the body of a blood curdling werewolf and the tail of a zebra but…it isn’t any old zebra tail it is a pink striped one that shoots poisonous shards of glass. On the way to find lady Arabella Simon equips a poisonous dart crossbow and a useful friend which is…A unicorn!

  8. Paris R

    My plot would be that Simon sets off on his journey to find Lady Arrabella but then Industrious sinks and he is stranded on a beach. He wanders off finding himself in a hut with the enemy who took Arabella. He has a jet black cloak, one eye wonky and the other one, when you look at it, you can see all your nightmares from the past and the future. He has no lips but when he smiles his rotten ragged teeth seem to look like lips as well as teeth.

  9. J@ck

    My plot is …………..

    My evil villain unfreezes and an earthquake happens. Simon saves a youthful unicorn named Prince Edward . Ever since they have became true loyal friends. Simon’s bravery and courage has led him to a very special reward . A knighting. At Simon’s banquet Lady Arabella is snatched. Simon has a sneaky suspicion that his worst nightmare has come back for revenge. He goes to the island of lost dreams to collect supplies but he has a gut felling that Lady Arabella is In the forbiddon forest and soon enough she’ll be the soul of the weeping willow …………

  10. ASC

    My first dilemma, Simon carries on his breath taking journey. Young Simon comes across some sort of den with crimson rose bushes around the side. All Simon sees is a rock in the middle, as he turns with his back to the entrance a elderly wrinkly hand touches his shoulder. With the sword in his hand Simon turns back round and witnessed that it was a ancient suspicious wizard. The wizard knows what Simon did he made a hooded man take innocent Lady Arabella.

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