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Literacy Key Skills – Friday 20th March 2015

Posted by on March 20, 2015

A mysterious person left Simon a clue in a bottle last week which was washed up on the beach…

This mysterious person wrote it through poetry.

Your task this week is to write a poem back in response.

You will need to think about:

  • What would Simon say?
  • Who is he addressing it to?
  • Is he going to accept this person’s offer of help?



I’ve helped you before,

Now I want to some more,

For when we are two,

how I help is up to you.

Do not hesitate,

As it could be your fate…


13 Responses to Literacy Key Skills – Friday 20th March 2015

  1. Mrs Chisholm

    Friend or Foe,
    How will Simon know?
    Only one of two wizards could it be,
    One that hindered and one that helped thee,
    Upon his last quest they each cast upon Simon a spell,
    One leading to heaven the other to hell.
    A spell to protect,
    A spell to intercept,
    Simon can conjure these powerful beings by saying aloud,
    I summons you wizard be you my aid or my enemy avowed,
    But which sorcerer will appear?
    Will they be helpful or someone to fear?

  2. Celina

    Mystery person

    You say you’ve helped me

    But is that true?

    I wonder it might be

    Tell me more about who you are

    Here are some things you need to tell me

    Your name

    Your age

    Your home

    and that is all

    Good bye for now


  3. chopper

    I shall find you

    So that you would be there two

    And I just want to say I love you

    I will forget about the sorrow

    For as long as tomorrow

    I will find you my Arabella

    • y6churchill

      Some commas are needed in here, Lily. Where do they to? Post back to me please.
      Mrs R. 🙂

  4. ASC

    Dear Stranger, I found you message that came from afar

    And yet I know not who you are,
    You offer help when we are two,
    And still I know not what to do,
    You say do not hesitate,
    Who knows what is my fate.
    By ASC

    • y6churchill

      Nice idea here. How can you not hesitate when nobody can know your fate! I wonder what the response might be.

  5. RR

    I will not hesitate,
    It is my fate.
    How did you find me?
    How did you know?
    From the lands of horror,
    I am writing for tomorrow.
    But in response ,
    I would like something specific
    Like the great, blue pacific.
    Who are you?
    What are you?
    I need you
    Really quickly.
    I am running out of food,
    I am in a bad mood,
    I would like some entertaining,
    But I’m on an island,
    Everything is silent.
    There are no ships coming,
    My crew are all running.
    I am crying,
    I am sad,
    My crew are mad.
    We got some swords,
    They are the Lord’s.
    Oh Lord Earl Rees,
    How can you miss!?
    Such an disaster
    To me , a master!
    I want you to help
    To save my friend
    And you to lend,
    An iron ship,
    For her to ride across the lands
    And reach her friend ,
    A knight.

    • y6churchill

      Some good ideas. Lots of rhyming couplets here too. Could you up level any of the words but still maintain the message and the rhymes? A challenge for you! 😉 Post any up levelling back to me please.
      Mrs R 🙂

  6. Rohan

    Mysterious person,
    Whoever you are.
    I do not hesitate
    But more about this fate?
    I can’t remember us two together,
    Who knows what more we can do,
    Nevertheless I shall see you soon!

    • y6churchill

      Can you re write lines 5 and 6 to keep the meaning the same but to ensure you still have a rhyme?

  7. William

    My companion,
    for your help once more,
    I express my thanks forever more,
    Together we shall go,
    Through sunshine and snow,
    Side by side we’ve nothing to fear,
    Upon our return I’ll buy you a beer.

    • y6churchill

      Buy a beer? Do knights do such things? I like the idea of working as a team.

  8. C.M

    Yet not knowing who you are,
    I will not hesitate,
    Will it be my fate.
    I have a few questions for you,
    Who are you?
    What do you want?
    I need know some things about you,
    You’r name,
    Age and you’r intentions for writing to me.
    That is all I want to know,

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