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WKWHS- a clue to where Arabella is

Posted by on March 20, 2015



A mysterious person left Simon a clue in a bottle last week which was washed up on the beach…

This mysterious person wrote it through poetry.

Your task this week is to write a poem back in response.

You will need to think about:

  • What would Simon say?
  • Who is he addressing it to?
  • Is he going to accept this person’s offer of help?

One Response to WKWHS- a clue to where Arabella is

  1. Mrs Chisholm

    Friend or Foe,
    How will Simon know?
    Only one of two wizards could it be,
    One that hindered and one that helped thee,
    Upon his last quest they each cast upon Simon a spell,
    One leading to heaven the other to hell.
    A spell to protect,
    A spell to intercept,
    Simon can conjure these powerful beings by saying aloud,
    I summons you wizard be you my aid or my enemy avowed,
    But which sorcerer will appear?
    Will they be helpful or someone to fear?

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