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A Week of Persuasion

Posted by on April 30, 2015

We have experienced some extreme emotions this week as we have explored persuasive writing.  I was so  proud of how keen you were to write to persuade people to change their views.  Poor Mr Rees was accused of cancelling all end of year festivities and then tracked down at lunchtime. He didn’t even know what I had told you.  Your writing has been fantastic though!

What have you learnt about writing well? Are there any techniques that help you persuade?

Can you find or remember any sentence openers that are useful in this kind of writing?

Mrs R 🙂

10 Responses to A Week of Persuasion

  1. Jack.s

    T rule of three

  2. ASC

    • I don’t think you have realised

    • It has come to my attention

    • Due to the fact

    • It has been mentioned

    •. Some opinions have been said

    • Why should I have to write about this

    By ASC

  3. ASC

    It has come to my attention

    I don’t think you have realised

    It has been mentioned

    Things have occurred

    How would you feel?

    Due to the fact

    Opinion have been shared

    I agree with this because

    By ASC

  4. Kevin Y6

    I remember using phrases and words such as: surely, people feel, an intelligent person and how. This was used in order to make the reader side with your opinion. This was due to making them feel forced into agreeing. No-one wants to be stupid, so complementing them ( an intelligent person) makes them feel like they are one and as they are one they must do whatever one must do. It is emotive.
    Sometimes emotive language makes them feel guilty and, like I said, almost forced into agreeing with your opinion. For example: imagine an abused dog and it can not do anything. Only you can stop this. Without you this torture will carry one. It makes you feel like a hero. Like you can save a someone. If you don’t the dog will most likely die and because of you that blood is on your hands. You wouldn’t like that, neither would we.
    This has been a few tips that I learnt during school.

  5. Lucy

    I think that because we felt so strongly about what we heared we wrote my emotionally and effectively as it gives the power of feelings to put in! I believe it helped us a lot throughout the writing.


    Even though
    Even if
    On the other hand
    As well as
    To add on

    And many more (I think). By LB

  6. RR

    In addition to
    On the other hand

    Also, to make a good persuasive lettter you have to add some good points why the reader should do that.

  7. Alicia

    In persuasive writing, we need both arguments, even though we mostly focus on one key point. For example: Despite the fact that many believe that foxes are ‘ruthless killers’, most foxes do not harm humans.
    There are two sides to this sentence. It is vital to include the other’s point of view because it ensures that they keep on reading – they will lose interest if their view is not included within your work.
    Also, the connectives are extremely important too. Conjunctions can help improve writing as they link each paragraphs and they make your work flow better. Below are some openers that are useful in persuasion tasks.

    Sentence openers for persuasion:
    Many people believe…
    It is obvious that…
    Most importantly…
    Without a doubt…
    It is vital that…
    I’m sure that you will agree…
    The evidence clearly shows…
    In addition to…

  8. Evie

    On the other hand,
    This is due to,
    Due to the fact,
    On the contorary,
    It has come to my attention,
    To conclude,
    Do you believe,
    An intelligent person as yourself,

    These are all I could think of…

  9. CED

    Another reason
    Due to this
    If this continues
    Clearly an intelligent person like you would know
    How would you feel if
    To add on this

  10. Tilli warren

    Techniques that help persuade.
    Emotive language
    Points to back up ideas(evidence)
    Make the reader be in your situation
    Key points
    Rhetorical questions

    We have heard that…
    Is this the case…
    Many children say that…
    We are outraged from this matter…

    By Tilli Warren

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