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To ask or not to ask? That is the question.

Posted by on May 18, 2015

Charities believe they have a duty to ask people for money and help the most vulnerable (people, animals, areas of our environment) in our world. Many people across the world live in terrible conditions or have serious diseases/disabilities. Animals are treated with extreme cruelty and abandoned, left to perish without a second thought. Recently, there have been many heart wrenching appeals for donations of money following the catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal. An example of why this money is needed is shown in this clip of a fifteen year old boy being pulled from the rubble of a building five days after the first earthquake in Kathmandu.

This is a link to an advert asking for money for clean water in some of the poorest areas of the world:

However, this weekend there has been a news story about Olive Cooke, a poppy seller, who felt badgered by charities to give money. Her friends say she died of exhaustion after she received thousands of letters and phone calls asking for money. Read the news report in to this.

So, the questions is… Is it right for charities to ask for donations?

Talk to your partner and have a think about what you think is right. Give me your opinion on the blog.

9 Responses to To ask or not to ask? That is the question.

  1. chopper

    I think that what has happened to them is terrible and because of this I think
    that we should help them as much as we can by having a café and selling our
    products and to save another life. These people do not deserve this and what has happened to them. children are dying every day and we can support them by helping them by raising money for them. If u know that you could help them would you?

    watch this video and see for your self.
    Please help them now ! Thank you

  2. Evie

    I spoke with 3 people (me, myself and I): we believe that it is ok for people to sake for money due to it making a difference. But this action can become out of control. We also believe that it can be unfair because it’ll waste the requesters time. Many times only a small amount of donations are given.
    Overall it can be caring but it is all dependent on the person being asked to donate

  3. chopper

    I think that we should help people because there are other people out there and they will just let this happen and they are wrong. We need to help them by raising money from a café. Children are dying because of this tragedy, so please help these people to salvage their lives back together. Considering people do not care,we should for the sake of their lives.

  4. tianna

    I think that it is fine that Charites are asking for money because if that was you and your children who are dying every single minute of every single day, you would want help. If you don’t want these thousands of innocent children dying please please give just £2 a month to water aid so that the children can have a water pump and so they don’t have to walk thousands of miles a day to collect water with diseases in it. The water will have mould in but these children can have a normal life and a normal childhood. These children are so unhappy living in a world of hate and a world of unhappiness.

  5. ck

    Did you that lots of people have died because of a tremendous earthquake in Nepal? I think that you should donate money to different charities because then you are saving different lives and souls.

  6. ASC

    I think that charities are ok to ask for money since we live in perfect conditions and some people are not lucky and don’t. Animals are left with nothing because poachers kill there food. People that have destroying disabilities can’t be given there medication because the NHS can’t afford it. As well, it’s not like the caring charities ask for 20 pound a month- it’s only no more than 3 pound. Some of these people are dying and if you were sat in your bed you would want medicine. We are not friends with every single country but little innocent children have nothing to do with it so they should be able to get water and all what they need

    By ASC

  7. AK

    I think that charities should ask for money so people could get water and food. Because if people don’t know there is charity they are not going to donate. So I think they should continue asking for money so people get water and food.

  8. DV

    I think that it is not right to ask people for money because some people don’t have lots of money. However, other people just don’t want to raise money. But some people feel very sad for them and they will get more and more sadder if they will keep getting them. Sometime it is right to ask because they need some money at least and some food. But it doesn’t mater if its for animals or people they all need money.

  9. CM

    I think that it is not right to send people letters for money because some people don’t have enough money to give them. Sending them many letters can put them under pressure and can make people stressed. However, it is sad that they don’t have a place to live and that they had lost some of their family members. Also it is right to give them money so that they have a blanket, warm clothes, drinks and a place to sleep? So sending this money will help them but we shouldn’t stress people.

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