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Key Skills 22/05/15

Posted by on May 22, 2015

First of all – well done this term! SATs went by with ease and you all worked very hard at it. We have done some mature topics in year six following SATs and you have handled and discussed these with great maturity.

As on the first day back, 1st June, we are dressing as explorers and our new topic is all related to exploring an unknown part of the world, we want to link our writing to exploring! 

Nigel Thornberry

We want you to imagine that you are an explorer first of all. Imagine that you have just explored somewhere that everyone else will know…

This is where your imagination really comes into it. You could write a piece of narrative explaining your exploration of your living room, for example. If you write this from a “confused” point of view – it could be great. You could write it with humour and confusion, avoiding writing the name of the place. By avoiding the name of the place – could the reader work out what you have explored?

For example: 

On Friday 22nd May, 2015 I embarked on a crazy adventure! I began this whirlwind in East Hunsbury. In front of me I saw some familiar cars, familiar houses and some familiar faces.

As I entered the place of exploration, I could smell some strange scents – garlicky spaghetti bolognese for sure! Black and white tiles lay across the floor and the door, which seemed to be an exit, had another door within it – for a beast to enter and exit I would imagine. Below the tables there were white doors with a bright light behind them – what on earth was this place? To be continued… 

Where do you think I have described? What place have I explored? 

Task: writing an exploration explanation of somewhere either interesting or extremely boring, creatively. Hopefully with clues to tell the reader where you have described.

How to submit: we now have a few ways to submit our key skills: green key skills books, OneNote, blog, shared document or via e-mail.

We look forward to reading and sharing your work! Have a fabulous week. 

5 Responses to Key Skills 22/05/15

  1. ASC

    It was on a tepid day that I decided to take a wander to Tesco. As I glared at my stained pocket watch I all of a sudden realised that there were no cars and no people about, you could hear a pin drop. I carried on walking but at the same time my curious eyes detected the whole area, not one spot was missed. No one was anywhere to be seen. All you could see was obviously bored to death trolleys rammed together. Pacing towards cash withdraw machine, a very annoying noise went into my ear. The bored trolley, that started to move, crashed into the car wash. One diminutive car that had a extremely quite engine drove through the car park awkwardly. My beady eyes spied it the whole time. At this point I started to walk up the hill. I wasn’t scared. Or was I ?
    By ASC

  2. Evie

    Theres a rustle in the bushes and a tremble in the trees where I have been.The birds chirped as sweetly as you’d every imagined. Some were strong and powerful whereas some were elegent and soft. The sounds of my exploration also consisted of fearsome shakes of the ground.
    The discovery’s design was truly unique. It had the elegance of a gazelle but the fear inducing look of a Lion.
    The leaves created an enchanted canope over the rocky floor .
    I could smell the fresh scent of the flowers and air. Also I could smell the recently hunted meat of the tribesmen. The smell of fruit, ripe enough to eat, lingered.
    The feel of the trees bark was like pushing into a fork, it would leave a mark. The bark was ridgid. The feel of my feet crunching into the gravel was relaxing.
    I hope the towns folk are just as excited as I am.

  3. Lucy

    One strange night, I stepped into a room. A pink and white room. Somehow it had a familiar twist to it. As I have never stood on a smooth, comfortable carpet before I wanted to make new discoveries with other interesting objects. Across the brightly-lit room sat a memory foam bed. Believe it or not it was pink! Sitting next to it was a pink, wardrobe filled with girls clothing. There were many more things. However some of which I had not witnessed before. What is this strange phenomenon?

    By Lucy

  4. William

    On Monday 21st March, 2015 I came across I little neighbourhood called East Hunsbury. I found lots of houses and cars that i must of seen before because I had a feeling that I had done this thing before.

    As I walk into the unknown area on my left I see a 50 inch tv. On my right I saw a sofa looking thing that 5 adults could sit back and chill on. Then there lay a long, never ending stair case. I felt a tingling felling under my feet I looked it was…A RUGG. BANG I had walked in to this funny wood thing it looked just like a door then I thought very hard and then I thought that I should push it to see if it was a door or not. As I pushed the white old door open there was a table made out of oak and sat around the oak table was 6 wood chairs it look as if someone had there dinner or lunch on it due to the bread crumbs all over the four legged object. As well as this there was empty cups and bottles every were and left over domino pizza crusts that looked like they have been attacked by a pack of wolves.

  5. tilli

    Key Skills
    My Adventure!
    Saturday 23rd May, 2015 I stumbled to an amazing adventure. Was this actually real? Humid air swept past my shoulders as I walked into the unknown. Dark, dull and strange! Settling in to the new surrounding I smelt a whiff of salty sea water. It was getting colder by the second. Jagged rocks lay on the chipped floor. I see some light make its way into the room of doom. There must be an exit. Dry lips stick together like superglue. No drink had been swallowed. Thin peaces of slate fall from the damp roof . This was not a dream for sure. Where am I?

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