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June 1st – Explorer Day!

Posted by on May 30, 2015

A reminder to all of year six and anyone else: Monday 1st June is our first day of our new topic “Enchanted Kingdom”. Ideally everyone will be in school dressed as explorers!

We look forward to seeing all of your creative explorer outfits. Dora Harrison-Ford-as-Indiana--001 Nigel Thornberry

One Response to June 1st – Explorer Day!

  1. chopper

    # NPATEK Is it true or false?

    The lion is the most dangerous animal in Africa. Is it really? The answer is NO it really is the Mosquito, ingesting poison into your blood as it also drinks it.
    There is only one religion in Africa. The answer is NO they believe in many religions, like the same with tribes, different tribes, different religions. People in Africa don’t make movies they just watch American movies. The answer is true they do watch American movies.
    • Over 1,100 species of mammals are living in Africa.
    •Over 2,600 species of birds are living in Africa.
    •The last animal you might expect to see in Africa is a penguin, but they are there. There is a colony living near the cape in South Africa. They are attracted to the cold currents there.Giraffe are rather bizarre looking animals anyway, let alone the fact that their tongues are dark blue and average around 20 inches long.

    Ostriches can sprint up to 43 miles (70 kilometres) an hour and use their wings as rudders to change direction. The can kick a man to death, but only in a forward direction, so it’s safer to stay around the back. Ostriches are the largest birds on earth. Ostriches are farmed for their eggs among other things. Male hippos actively defend their territories and humans tend to get killed by hippos when they stand on a riverbank or beach that a male hippo considers to be his territory. Females have also been known to get extremely aggressive if they sense anyone coming in between their babies, who stay in the water while they feed on the shore. In south Africa there are over 20,500 hotels,{that’s loads for just the south.} In south Africa there is a hotel that cost £1,0000,000 per night (best start saving now .)

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