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Year 6 Key Skills Times Tables Challenge!

Your challenge is to come up with a creative way of learning any times table. 

If you wish, I am happy for you to work in pairs.  How will you make sure we can all learn the times table you have chosen?  Remember actions and patterns were involved with learning the 17 times table from this morning’s lesson.  Good Luck! 

Please be ready to share your work with the class on Friday 3rd July.

Stop Press: some important news!

Hi Year 6

Earlier today, I emailed the maker of Sadako’s picture and told him about our letters to the United Nations.  He has replied!  I can’t wait to share his response with you tomorrow.

Well done for creating some really moving, passionate and well thought out letters today.  Truly, you were inspiring! Miss D, Miss S and I were  very proud and incredibly impressed.  Tomorrow you need to write to David Cameron, giving your views on how the UK government’s budget should be shared out- should defence have so much or should this money be spent on educating people so they can live beside each other in peace?  Don’t forget to post some views on the blog to jog your memory tomorrow.

Have a good rest- Sports day and more persuasive writing tomorrow.  I can’t wait!

Mrs R 🙂


Sadako Sasaki’s effect on the world

Over the last few days, I have been so impressed with the work you have created that has been inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki and her ferocious battle with leukaemia. You have written moving diary entries and tear-jerking letters to Sadako’s friends.  Most impressively, you have written a letter to the President of the United Nations asking for a picture of Sadako to be placed in the assembly hall of this great institution, to remind World leaders of their responsibility, not to mention the true cost of war.

Tomorrow I am going to show you some carefully chosen clips of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945.  You will need to write to our Prime minister to give you point of view: should money be spent on updating the UK’s nuclear arsenal or should this precious money be invested on other things? Blog your thoughts.  You will use these as you write over the next day or two.


Sadako’s Cranes for Peace

Year six have been looking at the story “Sadako’s Cranes for Peace” – it is an emotional story…

Year six:
– What are your thoughts and opinions on it?
– How does it make you feel when you read it, why?
– What have you learnt from the story?
– What is Sadako’s dent in the universe?
– How do you feel about Sadako’s dent in the universe?
– Would you recommend this story to anyone else, why?
– Should Sadako be more well known, why?


#NPATEK Frozen Spires “Sways”

Last week the pupils of both Mandela and Churchill classes created some wonderful Sways about specific countries in Africa – worth a look! We will collate these into a specific place so that you look through all of them.

This week the students are focusing on our realm, the Frozen Spires, and again, through Microsoft Sway, will showcase all of the vibrant and wonderful things that go on in this realm.

See the comments to learn all about the Frozen Spires…

Literacy Key Skills 06.06.15

This week we have been exposed to the Frozen Spire realm and have learnt all about what it looks like!

On the Mandela blog there are lots of description from each individual in Mandela. Along with this, you each have written some fabulous work in literacy this week.

For this week’s key skills, can you please research night time in these places…

Mount Kenya is a great example to begin with:

Mount Kenya in central Africa is so high that every day is summer, and every night is winter…

Once researched, we want you to write a comparison between the two. For example:

During the day time, the grass sways from side to side in the sun’s rays. However, at night time the grass stands tall and still, frozen.

Urgent News: Rainforest Cafe Postponed

We were hoping to run our rainforest cafe this Thursday coming. However, due to school arrangements it wouldn’t be best for us to run it this week. We are disappointed that it won’t be able to go ahead but we look forward to running it later on in the term.

So please, if you were thinking of buying anything for it, don’t go out and buy ingredients etc.

Thank you,

The year six team.