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Stop Press: some important news!

Posted by on June 17, 2015

Hi Year 6

Earlier today, I emailed the maker of Sadako’s picture and told him about our letters to the United Nations.  He has replied!  I can’t wait to share his response with you tomorrow.

Well done for creating some really moving, passionate and well thought out letters today.  Truly, you were inspiring! Miss D, Miss S and I were  very proud and incredibly impressed.  Tomorrow you need to write to David Cameron, giving your views on how the UK government’s budget should be shared out- should defence have so much or should this money be spent on educating people so they can live beside each other in peace?  Don’t forget to post some views on the blog to jog your memory tomorrow.

Have a good rest- Sports day and more persuasive writing tomorrow.  I can’t wait!

Mrs R 🙂


3 Responses to Stop Press: some important news!

  1. chopper

    I agree with Jeff that our money should be spent on the hospitals and should also be spent on our future generations. Also it should be spent on us, to send us into the next generation, then we can get a job and earn money so we can have a family.
    I also think that the people in the UN should look at the picture of Sadako (who is the girl in the picture that is made out of cranes) and just stop and think before they release cruelness into our world that could devastate hundreds of lives and tear families apart. Thank you

  2. t.t

    I agree with the creator of Sadako’s peace portrait, Jeff, that we should give some money to the hospitals because they look after us they might even save our lives one day. The hospital’s nurses have let us go healthily into the next generations and let us bring new people into the world.
    I also think that the picture has a story if you look at it in the right way. Tthe story is that lots of innocent people losing there life’s because of world leaders dropping poisonous bombs and shooting terrifying guns so they can take over the world. I just don’t understand why people can’t share the world and be nice to each other. Do you know why? It’s unfair because what if that was your little girl or boy who had died what would you do then? You would be trying to stop war.

  3. Evie

    Many people are thinking of the hospitals and the future. I completely agree. But also, if our country is to be invaded, we will be vulnerable. And I know you’re probably thinking, ” If we are vulnerable that means more people in the hospital!” Yes I understand but I think the money should be spent several ways. One lot to weaponry causes, another lot to hospitals, and the rest to charities. Then our present and future are covered. Do you agree? When spent properly, money can fix things that could make a difference…

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