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Mandela and Churchill

Posted by on September 14, 2015

Who out of Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela had the biggest impact on the world today and why?


12 Responses to Mandela and Churchill

  1. Jake Brunton

    I have research that Winston Churchill had a bigger impact on the world today because with out him we may or may not have won he war. I think that Winston Churchill has had an impact on many people in this world today by his amazing speeches and his encroachment to the people in world war II. Nelson Mandella has also had a big impact in the world today by being the first black president/prime minister of South Afica that we know and that has encourage many people to believe in themselves and take more risks.

  2. Mya Frost

    Mandela lived to 2013 and changed December with his heart breaking death at 95 years old. Churchill lived up to 90 years old and died in 1965. When Mandela was alive he had 10 million us$.

  3. Myles Wood

    I think that Winston Churchill made a bigger impact on the world today than Mandela did because he helped win world war II. He also made great speeches and made war seem easy. Winston also made a bigger impact on the world by making the Germans surrender which lead to there not being another world war since. I also think that he made a bigger impact by making the world be in peace for a long time.

  4. Alex Crilley

    In my opinion Winston Churchill had the biggest impact on the world today because if he hadn’t helped us in WW2 then there is a chance that non of us could be here. Winston Churchill was a soldier in WW1 so he has helped us in both WW1 and WW2. In WW2 he led us to victory. In WW2 he was the leader of the English royal Navy, and then he get elected him for the the prim nester of England.

  5. Maisie Mayne

    Winston Churchill lived up to the age of 90 and shortly died in 1965. Nelson Mandela lived up to the age of 95 and died in 2013 of a sorrowful death(lung dease)

  6. Amelie hood

    Who had a bigger impact Nelson Mandela or Winston Churchill?

    Nelson Mandela: He led a revelation of injustice about black and white people from a prison cell. He fixed the apartheid and stopped black and white people. He stopped black people from not taking the bus with white people.

    Winston Churchill: He helped lead Britan to victory during world war 2. He has been chancellor of the exchequer and led the navy in 1939.

    They have both made an impact nower days.

  7. phebe

    In my opinion I think nelson Mandela is more important because he brought peace to white and black so If he was not a president we would not be able to see white. Despite the fact Nelson Mandela is great , Winston Churchill helped us through ww2. Also Winston Churchill was in the army so he helped us a lot. They both were great leaders an they both helped us I don’t think there’s a right answer.


    This question is a matter of opinion because it is not a bing able. Personally I think that Nelson Mandela is far better than Winston Churchill. I think this because Nelson Mandela has let the people speak moreover his gave all the people in South Africa Pease between the black and the white people. On the other hand Winston Churchill actually put all of his people in danger by helping Poland. What would you prefer one country dead or two? Lots of people had losses all because Winston Churchill somebody should stop this criminal he is turning in to Adolf Hittla.

  9. Royem

    Winston Churchill has a big impact in World War 2 because he led Britain with a really good leadership between Britain and after he wasn’t Prime Minister. Churchill gave our country freedom he was a great inspirational person. If Winston Churchill was not Prime Minister of World War 2 Britain would have lost the War against Germany. Nelson Mandela stopping racism.

  10. Leah Lupson

    Who out of Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela had the biggest impact on the world today and why?

    Nelson Mandela: Nelson Mandela, who led a revolution against injustice from a prison cell and who overthrew history by turning his back on violence, is dead. He was 95 years old. Most of us saw him for the last time when South Africa hosted the World Cup in 2010. Mr. Mandela, an amateur boxer and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, rose from poverty and obscurity to defeat the white minority rule of apartheid and become the president of South Africa.
    Winston Churchill: At the beginning of the Second World War the reputation of Winston Churchill was that of a gifted politician who had twice changed parties, an impulsive man prone to impractical enthusiasms, and a Conservative backbencher who opposed the foreign policy of his leader – the prime minister, Neville Chamberlain. Six years later, Churchill towered above all contemporaries as a statesman of international renown. He was known as the champion of freedom and civilisation, and the victorious leader of the British nation and empire at war.

  11. Jaylin

    Personally I think Nelson Mandela has made a bigger impact on the world. The reason why is because he was the worlds first black president, of South Africa, and made peace between white people and black people by putting the to races together and to stop the chaos. Nelson Mandela was put into prison for 27 years for trying to overthrow the pro-apartheid government. Nelson Mandela was born 1918. He was in prison from 1962 to 1990.

  12. Sophiehunt

    1. Who out of Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela had the biggest impact on the world today and why?
    Winston Churchill’s impact was a very good and big one as well. He was a very nice person and he was so strict but still very nice but nelson Mandela has a bigger impact then Winston Churchill because nelson Mandela had a lot more things to talk about then Winston Churchill.
    Nelson Mandela has been more popular then nelson Mandela because he has got lost to talk about.

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