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Reflecting Upon Last Week

Posted by on September 28, 2015

Last week we all did lots of exciting, new things! As we had members of staff there; we have blogged about the activities and all your parents know what you did, we would like you to reflect upon your week…

17 Responses to Reflecting Upon Last Week

  1. Katie

    On Sunday (at five am) all the children came to school and got ready to head to France. I found this preposterous, it was so early, I was falling asleep each second. Although I was so weary, tumbledown almost, I was so enthusiastic to get on the coach, to start the journey. Everyone got out on the Euro Tunnel, Mr Rees had his guitar; we sang many songs. Before I knew it, I was in France with the rest of the class. Later that day we found out our roommates. Then we went on a tour around a museum, our tour guide was called Allan.

  2. Kayla

    I loved how we were able to get out of the coach when we were in the Euro tunnel it was a brilliant experience for me and some other people on account of the fact that I have never in my life been on the Euro tunnel. Whilst we were on the Euro tunnel I enjoyed looking out the window watching the it go from light to darker and darker until it went ebony black. Lastly on the Euro tunnel I enjoyed sitting down on the edge devouring on sweets and talking.
    I also adored the fact that we really got time to spend with our roommates at the end of the day because we were all tired out and the first thing we all wanted to do was have a nice calm chat with our friends, who wanted to do the same too. In connection with that when we went to bed we all went in a nice deep sleep and managed to put the alarm off.

  3. tyrone

    We I went to France my favourite part was when we want to Disneyland because I went on a massive ride called the tower of terror you go really high and you go off your seat we all eat some lovely snail’s over all it was all great

  4. Maisie and Mya

    Bright and early at 4:00 everyone was awake and exited for the big day. Traveling to France. At 5:15 everyone had there bags in there hands getting ready to say goodbye. 20 minutes later everyone was on the coach setting off for the big adventures coming towards them. At first everyone was devastated to leave their parents behind but after 30 minutes everyone was over the moon with excitement as well as scoffing sweets.

  5. Michael

    On the first day we were exited to go to the climbing centre. Because some of us didn’t go to France we did some fun stuff instead. I wish I went to France but I had my chance to go. We made a sway about everything we did on the trips. Monday was good when we got to go to the pinnacle climbing centre. Tuesday we were meant to go to Salcy Forest but it was to rainy. Because we didn’t get to go we went to Gallonys ice cream Parlour. I had chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce with fudge bits. I liked Wednesday because we were going to make are own pizza. So we put all the ingredients on a list and all of us went to Tesco. We were aloud to get pudding if we had enough money so we got some donuts. Then we got back to school and we did some art. After art we made our pizzas (they were lovely). Thursday was going to be one of then best days ever. Even though it was going to be a hour long trip to the museums they were still good. When we entered a man told us that there was 7,000,000 things in the museum. We learnt about dinosaurs.

  6. Alex

    On the Sunday when we had to be at school at five o’clock in the morning to go to France I was exited but I was really tiered. On the coach we were really bored. When we got there we were all really exited we all went into the dinning hall so that we could eat our lunch. When we’d all finished eating we went into our rooms with our new roommates we had to make our beds. Later that day we walked down the road to a museum about WW1 when we got in we were allowed to take some pictures of the manikins that they had standing up. After a few minutes we went underground by about 62 steps it was really hot and stuffy down there so we all took of our jackets. After we had finished down there we went strait back to the Poppies center. We were then told that we had about 20 minutes to finish our rooms. Then the teachers told us that the time was up and that they were going to come in for a room inspection. Then we walked down the road again to the pub that we were going to eat at. We had burger meat and chips. After that we walked back to go to bed.
    On Monday we all woke up and had a shower then at 7:30 we went into the dinning hall to have some breakfast. The hot chocolates were lovely. at 8 O’clock we set of in the coach to go to Paris. In Paris we went to Le’Louve I liked it there because we got to see the Moanalissa it was really small compared to the plack that it was mounted on. That afternoon we went on a boat trip and we saw the Eifel tower. After that we went to Flunch.

  7. Teigan

    France was amazing because we went on the eurotunel to France. Mr Rees brot his gerter to sing songs . When we got to France we went to a museum about WW1.

  8. daniela

    On Monday, we went to the Pinnacle climbing centre. It was very fun even though some people were scared. First the man/lady told us to put on a harness and a safety helmet. Then they told us how to attach are self to the rope so we could hold the other person when they are climbing as well as we had to get into three groups. On Tuesday we were getting ready to go to solcey forest but sadly we didn’t go because it was very muddy. But we went to the ice-cream palore it was amazing and so much fun.

  9. Lauren

    When we went on the eurotunel Mr Rees got his big, brown, musical guitar and played some songs like Price tag, Shake it off, When a night won his spurs and Nothing. Then when we arrived put all of our bags in a hotel called Poppies When the Y6`s went to France we went on the eurotunel that went under water.

  10. phebe

    Last weekend was outstanding. Stepping into the coach waving goodbye to parents the coach moves and tears roll down but the thought of going to France was amazing. Eating sweets and chatting we finally arrive at the euro tunnel. We got out the coach and sang lots of songs it was new for lots of people but exiting as well. In France we went to the war museum finding out facts was great I felt like I was a ww2 soldier. The next day we went to Paris it was incredible seeing the Eiffel tower and going into the sea and finding out fats about their history. Wednesday we went to the memorials even though it was raining we still had a great time. Disney. I overcame my fear my going on the tower of terror.

  11. Amelie Hood

    We had to wake up very early to get to school at five am. After everyone boarded the coach we set off and finally got to the poppies center. Afterwards we went to the musse somme to learn about the world war 1 history and weaponary. It made me feel overwhelmed about learning how a soldier lived and what they used. Also most things had not been improved so people died by just throwing bombs so I felt extremely sad. We went back to poppies and finished making our beds and unpacking our cases. Afterwards we strolled down to corners pub and had an enjoyable meal of steak and chips. Then we had a scrumptious chocolate yogurt. On Monday we went to Paris and thoroughly enjoyed it. First of all we went to the louvre and saw the Mona Lisa. It is very small. Then we had a riverboat trip.

  12. Leah

    France was amazing we did lots of great things. When we were travelling it was so fun and boring at the same time. But when we got there we unpacked are bags after that we went to the war museum and looked at some very old things left over from world war witch was really nice to find things like that one not shortly after that we walked the corners pub for dinner it was really nice for dinner we had steak and for desert we had chocolate yogurt. The dinner was really nice and we kept on going there. The next day we went to Paris and went to Flunch and had lovely food and ice-cream for desert. Anyway going back to the Eiffel tower we sang under it , it was really fun.

  13. Jaylin

    I would of changed the Poppies centres beds because they were really uncomfortable and I couldn’t get enough sleep. One of the restraints we went to called Flunch because the food tasted a bit bland but the ice cream was really good. When we went to Disneyland I felt so many positive emotions running through my body like water running through the sink, the emotions were happiness, excitement and much more.

  14. Royem

    When we came to France, it was like we came in 30 minutes in total. The museum, called Somme 1916, was inspiring with the 10m down, underground museum with fascinating weapons and pictures. After we went the dark room with puddles and the noise of the trenches. At the end the was a, which lead us to the gift shop. It sold presents and even some of the old badges or helmets which are from World War one. We went to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and we sang under it. It was amazing!

  15. Ryan

    France was very existing and we did amazing things like cockering fears and many more. the bit I liked the most was watching some of the reasons when we tried snails. we also went to a ww1 museum under ground. are tore guide alien showed us all the things to do with the country’s weapons and all the other things to do with ww1.

  16. ARRON

    Last week we went to France for a week and it was fun some pupils stated hire at school like ben he stated at school but they still hade fun they went to an ice cream parlour now onto my week we went on the big thunder mountain at Disney and it was FUN! some rides I didn’t go on like the space mountain mission2.

  17. Ben Davies

    last week I had a fun time Monday I went to the pinnacle centre, Tuesday Gallone’s ice-cream parlour, Wednesday made our own pizza, Thursday went to oxford museum and Friday went to Abington museum. the pinnacle centre was fun since I love rock climbing, it was hard aspeserly bouldering. On Tuesday we were going to Salsy forest but it was raining so we went to Gallone’s ice-cream parlour and I still had a fun time, I had salted caramel ice-cream orange souse and fudge chunk toppings. On Wednesday we made pizza wich I think is a good idea because I love pizza. I put chicken pepperoni and lots of cheese. Thursday was my favourite day because I went to the oxford museum.

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