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Conflict – Always Negative?

Posted by on October 5, 2015

Our new topic is Conflict. This links perfectly to World War 1 but also opens up learning from different areas of history and current affairs.

In class we discussed whether conflict can be good.

– Does the world need any conflict?

– Can conflict be good? Why?

– How would the world be without any conflict?

14 Responses to Conflict – Always Negative?

  1. Kamilla and Amelie

    Conflict can be good because in the houses of parliament they are discussing matters which shouldn’t be decided upon. For example: this year they have been discussing about lowering the drinking age to 16. Also things like gay marriage are a good sort of conflict because you should be who you want to be.

    A bad sort of conflict is war because people are dying to protect the country. Many countries are fighting in Syria. Also the migrant crisis.

  2. sophie amber

    The world needs conflict because otherwise there would be no debates. Where would we be without debates? For example, in court, there needs to be a conflict from both sides to try and resolve the situation and find out who is guilty or not guilty. There’s many different types of conflict bad and good for example fighting in war (bad) and fighting for the world to be a better place (good).Their are many good things like fighting with a brother or sister this may not sound good but for some this is like a relationship.

  3. Isabelle and Muhammed

    Yes we do need conflict to help us stop criminals. Yes it can be good because it helps people solve problems quicker and the police don’t have to sort it out. Most people aren’t going in prison because it helps. Everyone who has be naughty would be in prison. It has helped the world at lot in solving problems easier. I wish we had conflict when the war was on because they were just freighted. They could have just talked.

  4. Myles and Teigan

    Conflict is not always negative, sometimes it is needed in the world. It is needed in things like parliament and in police related scenarios. So it isn’t always negative. But examples like the world wars, they are negative examples. The two different types of conflict are good and bad. Conflict is , in ways, bad and also in ways good.

  5. Thomas and Michael

    In this world we need conflict otherwise everyone would thinking there’s no law and would be running around like crazy. Some conflict can be good and bad trying to save the world, battling in a war or arguing. We need conflict in this this world.

  6. Jaylin Jake

    We think that there should always be conflict in this world because it is creates debated and gets other people to share their ideas on the subject. We think that if there wasn’t any conflict then the world would be too easy on finding things out and solving problems. Jaylin and I also think that there are many kinds of conflict for example there is conflict on fighting and War witch is a bad kind of conflict and there is the other side were they are fighting against caner and other deses like that.

  7. Lauren and Maisie

    The world does not need Conflict because if it does have Conflict then the world will be a bad and horrible place. Conflict is something that to people or more fight about the same thing, but do not have the same agreement on each other’s arguments. Some are bad and some are good for example the war is bad, and people protecting their country’s.

  8. Daniela and Royem

    We’ve discussed about conflict in class and it would be good for the world. It may stop the world having wars. If we did not have conflict in our world would have augment’s. In my opinion in the future our world would have no augment’s to worry about. Conflict would solve small issues.

  9. joy and Katie

    Personally Katie and I think that conflict is all bad. We consider this because if conflict was all good then there would be no reason to have it. There would also be no need for prosecutors or victims, which means that there will be no need for court. A example of our version of conflict is that in war its between two countries as they are physically fighting. People may say that helping the world is good conflict but we believe that it is not conflict due to no arguing and it is not a crime and they are trying to help.

  10. Alex and Arron

    Conflict can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. The world needs conflict because otherwise it will be really boring because most of the time its conflict that makes the world kind of interesting. If we didn’t have conflict then everyone would be really normal and everyone wouldn’t be fun. The world will be boring. We also need it to help resolve problems.

  11. Mya and Kayla

    Sometimes conflict can be good, but in some places it can be out of hand. For Example: when rich people judge the homeless on their environment and their lifestyle. Whilst the good reasons for conflict can also be in link with prejudice like when slaves got restrained by their master in the Apartheid times. Furthermore conflict can be for the best. This mostly happens when families have to divorce on account of the fact that their lifestyle should be replaced in some areas.

  12. phebe

    1.The world needs conflict because imagine if we did not have conflict our lives would be at risk.
    2.Conflict is good because it helps the world be a better place.
    3.Not only is our lives at risk but there are no rules to protect us from things like drinking from the age of 16 and medical things like cancer.

  13. Ryan and Ben

    Conflict is disagreement or an argument. Conflict is used in many different ways stopping war

  14. sophie hunt

    This world that we live in needs conflict otherwise there will not be any debates. Where would all the people in this world be if there were no debates .For a good example, in court there will need to be a conflict from both sides to solve which side was guilty and which side was not guilty. There are many different conflicts bad and good. For example I want to fight with you (bad) I want to save the world and be proud of who I am.
    BY Sophie Hunt

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