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Restorative Justice training

Posted by on October 16, 2015

Last week, as part of our immersion on ‘conflict’ we were introduced to the term Restorative Justice and how we could use some of the techniques within school.

‘Restorative processes bring those harmed by crime or conflict and those responsible for the harm, into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward.’

There are five main questions which help direct the sessions

  • What happened?
  • What were you thinking at the time?
  • How were you feeling at the time?
  • Who has been affected by what has happened?
  • What needs to happen to put things right?
  • Key Questions – How did you feel during the session? What did you learn? How could you use these techniques in everyday situations? What is the benefit of this system over the traditional approaches?

20 Responses to Restorative Justice training

  1. Isabelle Nichols

    I felt amazed I didn’t relies that it made that much of an in patted in my everyday life. I leant that when I got in trouble in year five I was the first person to try it. I didn’t get blamed for anything because it made the teacher relies that I hadn’t done anything. I think we could use this in everyday life if we tried if we got the message out to everyone people. I my could use it everyday with new puppy and my dad, I could use with my brother when he blames stuff on me and we could use it when Joy blames me for doing something wrong. I think this way is better than saying did you do your punished you miss all your break. I like it when everyone get a say not just one person.

  2. Amelie Hood

    I personally think that restorative justice is sometimes a bad thing but sometimes a good thing . The reason is that if you use it in school it would probably work because it is normally about friends or people who did not really like each other. Then they would use restorative justice to make things better between them.
    I think that it would not always work in schools because some people just do not like to talk to each other then the teachers who were trying to use restorative justice would have had their time wasted. It could sometimes work in real life situations because they might just need a police officer to talk things through with them. On the other hand it could be a complete fail because if some one got broken in to then they would not probably forgive the burgalar if the stole some sentimental items.
    Say some ones pub got broken into and the owner was angry then restorative justice could bring them together. But then it could not work if they were extremely angry. PCSO’s use it on a daily basis but it does not always work.
    Restorative justice examples were children can use it are between two friends or their brothers and sisters. Examples were adults can use it is if their child is having an argument with another child then they can try to soothe things.
    Restorative justice does not always work on the whole.

  3. Arron and Tiggy

    So basically what happened was that this gay got hit by a samari sword and his money got stolen.
    I was thinking at the time that the person should not do that and I felt sorry for the person how lost there money.
    I was feeling sorry full at the time.
    Alex’s dad was affected at the time then Alex’s dad became good friends with Bart the Robber

  4. Leah

    Their were nine chairs and people sat on them to sort out an issue that had happened by hearng the other peoples point of view. I was thinking that I never new they could ever sort the problems out.I felt amazed because all my problems have now been sorted.Lots of people all around the world.

  5. Myles

    I think that restorative justice is a good thing because it solves problems in a way that no one gets hurt. It is also a good thing because it can be used for lots of different things including helping the police force. Restorative justice can be used in lots of scenarios including ordinary arguments between family members. It can also be used in schools, if there is a fight between two different people or simply a disagreement restorative justice is a great thing to use. When the PCSO came in he told us about how he uses restorative justice for things like burglary’s or fights. I think that it was a good thing that he came in because it taught us more about different ways of involving restorative justice. Danny (the PCSO) also said that when he comes into situations like fights restorative justice sometimes make the people involved friends or just ok with each other.

  6. Mya Frost

    During the year group discussion we got taught how to use restorative justice in everyday situations just to name a few friendship, brothers and sisters even sometimes your mum and dad .I think that restorative justice is a good idea because without it the teacher or whoever was sorting it out could just punish someone for something they didn’t do for example if someone was in a shop and then a stranger put a bottle of perfume in there back pack and then the shopper walked out the shop then he/she would get the blame of steeling.

  7. Michael

    you’re trying to sort out an argument (argument in the playground, saying who did the murder) or something like that. I think We recapped on restorative justice in last weeks lesson. You would of used restorative justice when in restorative justice everyone should get their say of what happened. If only one person got their say than the world would be a mess. I learnt that the world needs restorative justice to get rid of all of the terrible things that can happen.

  8. Naomi

    In my opinion I feel that restorative justice should help any issues which have happened. When the crime has been witnessed they get the victim and the criminal together they use restorative justice they ask them 5 questions. The reason it is used is because to calm people down after something has happened to them. Afterwards they can end up becoming good friends. Restorative justice can be used for anything even if someone rips up your drawing!

  9. Katie

    Restorative justice is about solving a crime or problem without pointing fingers. I believe that it is a good thing as it helps people to receive confidence to not do a criminal offence or a rude or harmful action to someone again. This is because the people who help the criminal always keep calm and this relies on your confidential appearance to their reaction. In my opinion restorative justice is mainly out of school as crimes are committed a lot over the internet, burglaries and usually something to do with cars. Restorative justice is always good as it helps to resolve every problem. Would you like it if you get the blame for something that you didn’t do?

  10. Kayla

    I strongly believe that the restorative justice session is a very calm easy understandable session because it solves a problem without pointing fingers. In my opinion I believe that restorative justice is good, but sometimes bad. The reason being bad is because sometimes it makes the person, who has done damage to someone or something, think bad and feel stressed on their actions and become depressed for life on their actions. It can also be good because it gives time for the victim to understand why the crime or incident might have happened to them.
    Restorative justice can be used in everyday life without knowing that it is used. For example : If someone was in a line and another person pushed in and the victim would ask kind questions without being rude. It can also be used for homely uses like if a child did not eat their food and their parent would ask them kind questions without being rude or disrespectful in any way.
    I think that without restorative justice life would be hard because it would just be pointing fingers in a rude manner.

  11. Jake and Phebe

    From Jake And Phebe,

    We think that restorative justice is a really good and bad way to help solve crime and difficult situation in schools and everyday life. You can use Restorative justice when someone or something has been stolen or robbed, there are many different ways when you can use this, for example when you and you siblings have been fighting or you and your friend have been in a argument. Restorative justice is a program were you can help solve problems by getting the victim and the person who did to get together and talk about why he or she did what they did and hopefully come to a consolation on the situation.

  12. Alex

    Conflict can be good but it can also be bad as it can lead to a really big arguments and also fighting. If there is an argument on the school playground or a fight it isn’t fair if the teachers just ask did you do it over and over again because people could just say that they didn’t when they did. But if they go around asking all of the witnesses for their point of view so they can give both people instead of a punishment to someone that didn’t do anything. Conflict can be solved by the victim and the person that did something to the victim could get together and have a chat.

  13. Lauren

    Restorative justice is when two or more people have a fight, and are not agreeing what really happens. Like if you bashed into someone`s car or broken into their house. You want to know what really happens. When you have restorative justice what will you do?
    Theas are some things that will help…
    . Call the Police
    . Stand up for your self

  14. Tyrone

    We might use restorative justice when you fight with your friend the teacher will ask one of them what happened then the other. It wouldn’t be good if the teacher said who did who did and you did it you going to miss all your break you need to ask them why you did it how did it make you feel so I think it is great.

  15. Amber

    Restorative justice is where two or more people come together to sort the problem out and say there ‘sorry’. This can sometimes help and sometimes not. The times when it can not help is where they don’t want to forgive or forget and sometimes they can. This can happen anywhere inside and out of school. I leant that restorative justice sometimes does not work but this is a good matter sometimes so they can have space and time to think. Some advice the lesson gave me is that don’t get more people involved because it only makes matters worst and that no matter how it goes you still need to sort the problem out. I have realised no matter who you are or where you still get conflict.

  16. Thomas

    We learnt how restorative justice is used in everyday life it is used to resolve problems it lets everyone to have a fair say. It could help at schools for example if there was a problem on the school football pitch the teacher could call everyone who was playing in and let them have a say.

  17. sophie

    Restorative justice is when two people have to sort a problem out with each over. When restorative justice is use you have to try and be calm and try not to get nasty. I leant that restorative justice can be bad or good because bad restorative justice is when two or more people are fighting or hurting people. Good restorative justice is when you are talking about what you have been though with your friends.

  18. Ryan and Ben

    A police man called Dany came in and gave us information about restorative justice and example of when you would use it in real life. You could use it in a problem where someone who has robbed a shop and the owner has a talk with the person who robbed the shop and becomes friends.

  19. Royem

    Where can we you restorative justice ? Well, we can use restorative justice at school. In the future it will make a big impact in the world. The will not be that much punishments in the world especially in school. Would you like to get punished all the time? Not at all! Not with restorative justice.

  20. Priya

    I think that restorative justice is a good thing because it helps to solve problems without villains.
    Ways it can happen:
    • At school a play time – People may not be including someone in there game, which may course them to be lonely and down hearted in class and out of school. This person could carry on and may also making other people leave them out. This will solve the problem so it will not happen again.

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