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Conflict – Visit from our local PCSO

Posted by on October 19, 2015

This morning we had a visit from Danny, the local PCSO. He spoke to the children about his role within the community and what his job entails. On a daily basis, Danny is faced with low level conflicts which is his job to resolve. He explained that the most important thing to remember was to keep calm and remain professional. If he started to shout, it would only escalate the situation. Attached to his uniform was a radio which informed him of different incidents that were happening across Northamptonshire. It was also a way of him communicating with other officers if help was ever needed. On average, PC’s get called to an situation of conflict once an hour however PCSO’s have fewer incidents to attend.

As we have looked at restorative justice in PSHE sessions recently, we questioned Danny on his experience of it within the community. He said that it was an effective method which often works and helps to avoid repeat offenders. One example was a burglar writing a letter to the house owner and them meeting to help resolve the issue.

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2 Responses to Conflict – Visit from our local PCSO

  1. muhammed

    So basically a police man came and told us all about restorative justice and told him questions to answer and one of the dangerous question was what is the worst thing that someone done? He answered someone was chasing someone with a Samaria sword I was thinking if the person wasn’t there a.k.a (police man ) wasn’t there… restorive justice could happen anywhere. It probably happened at Wellingborough. I was feeling worried maybe the person is going to come out of prison and do it to someone younger than us.

  2. Jaylin

    Restorative justice is a method that solves everyday life problems inside of school and outside of school. I prefer restorative justice over all the other ways of solving problems because it’s not too complicated and not to basic, it’s also much better than all the other strict ways which end up someone badly getting told of.

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