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If the school announced that a large amount of the wooded area was to be sold for building land – how would this make you feel? What impact would this have on the animal and plant species that you found living in our school environment? What could you do about this? In your response make sure you refer to the work you have done with Forest Schools.

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  1. This would make us feel sorry for all the animals because all the animals would not have a home to live in and the plants would die. Depending on the animals they may lose the home, food and family.

    1. I agree with you. Many of the living things you discovered last Wednesday would be destroyed or lose their habitat if the building programme went ahead.

      Mrs de B

    1. Lovely use of an emotive question aimed at the planners, well done. Do you mean rainforest? This has made me think of links between your rainforest topic and our science though!

      Mrs de B

  2. If this happened to part of our field I would feel distraught because I would not be able to play my favourite sport, which is football, and I have a really strong passion for this sport. I also feel that they should not be allowed to build houses on our property all though AMY own ours school. On the 13th of January we went looking for wild life and found Fox Paw prints, Bird Nests, Insects and lots of Fungi, if they built their houses on our land all of these poor creatures would lose their homes and have to relocate to another place.

    1. You are right! I had just thought about the plants and animals but this building work would also have an impact on sport at Simon de Senlis- something I feel passionate about too!

      Well done for listing some of the evidence we found last week to support your argument Jaylin.

      Mrs de B

  3. Year 1 and Reception do Forest school which mean they learn about trees and plants so they can use later on in life. If you destroy this area we would not be able to do this and they would have no experience for life. The animal and plants have feeling to they are like people little, little people living there life the same as mine and yours.

    1. Really good points Isabelle and Kory. The planned development would have an impact on our curriculum as well as the living things we found last week.

      Mrs de B

  4. The school selling off some of the wooded area would impact the nature. On Wednesday 14th January 2016 the year 6 pupils of Simon de Senlis primary school worked with the year1 forest school. We took many pictures to show you that there is many pieces of wonderful wildlife hiding all around the school.

    The disruption of you demolishing the wooded area and also building on the field means that much wonderful nature will go. Not only that but you will be cutting down the animal population by a huge amount but forest school would have to travel to do numerous activities.

    1. Good points Amelie. You have also referenced our work last week with forest schools; I am sure the year one children would be devastated if they lost the area they work in every week.

      Mrs de B

  5. I would feel very agitated because it would get rid of forest school and the animals and also we would not be able to play in the forest. It would kill all the animals so they can build houses on it which is going to destroy the habitats of animals. Plant seeds in different place.

    1. Agitated is a great word to describe your feeling about this planned development Ronny. Planting seeds elsewhere would help but I would rather the field was left as it was so all the living things we found last week remained undisturbed.

      Mrs de B

  6. If the woods was gone I will feel heart-broken because there are lots of plant and creatures living there. Imagine how sorrowful it will be to kill plant and creature even habitats.

    1. I would also be heartbroken, Royem. Our field and wooded areas are really assets to the school community, as we found out when we joined forest school last Wednesday.

      Mrs de B

  7. We think that if the people get rid of the wooded area, the animals will not know where to go and may die because of this situation that is going on. What would you think if an animal tried to knock your house down and build something new in that area? How would you feel? We think that if you do this the nature will be gone.

    1. Very emotive language Maisie and Amber, well done. Persuading the developers to see things through the eyes of the animals affected is an effective way of changing their minds.

      Mrs de B

  8. In my opinion I would feel agitated because all the wood would have been gone.
    And the birds wouldn’t have anywhere to live.

    1. Great word to describe your feelings Daniela. Can you refer to our work outside last Wednesday to support your reasoning further?

      Mrs de B

  9. We think that it is horrible that people are wanting to build houses on our field. It will mean that our play time will be destroyed (especially in the summer) as they will have to close the field off. It would also mean that the nature on our field will be gone and there won’t be any place for animals to make their habitat. In Forest school last week we joined with the Y1 children to help us get evidence for our point. Tiggy and I feel that if this actually happened then our break and normal school time will be disrupted by the noise of workers building the houses. Also, if we destroy part of the wood then some animals that have made their homes there will have to go other places and restart the building of their own home. As well as that plants will have to die. When they start building them (if they do) plants will have to be destroyed.

    1. Good points Myles and Tiggy. Both the living things we discovered last week and our school community will be affected by this development.

      Mrs de B

  10. It will have a big impact on the animals because lots of them will lose their homes. We can plant more seeds and put some food out for the animals we can make part of the forest their home. I would be infuriated if the forest was destroyed because its been there for a long time and I do not want to lose it now.

    1. I agree about the huge impact this development will have Michael. Both animals and pupils at school will be affected.

      Mrs de B

  11. The school is selling the field so the impact is very strong because people are going to want to keep the field. The reason why this field is so important to use is because all of the wild life is going to die or have no homes and this school cares about all of the wild life. I don’t want this field to get rooted.

    1. Do you mean uprooted? Good word if so! The impact would be huge on both the wildlife and the school community.

      Mrs de B

    Devastation fills our hearts when we hear that you are destroying natural habitat of the world. We strongly believe that animals/insects deserve the same amount of treatment as humans. Young minds won’t be able to explore the greatness of nature, they will always wonder what the world holds. You will not just be destroying our generation you will ruin our fitness moreover health. Without the great outdoors we will be encouraged to use more electronics.
    This will give the impact of; animals won’t have a habitat, they will become extinct. The tiny little lives won’t have a home… They will lose lives of their families.

  13. If the wooded area was destroyed all the animals that live in the forest would have no home and will decrease the population of animals in the world. Not only the animals will suffer but the plants will be demolished and affect the whole world.

  14. Personally, I think that it would be such a cruel thing to do as it would make the younger children, like in Year 1 and Reception, not really understand the importance of nature and animals as they may be told about it, but they won’t really get the chance to witness that special time where there are animals hibernating or other. About a week ago or more the Year sixes teamed up with a handful of Year ones and began on the search to look for animals. The look on their faces was amazingly happy because those children love animals and it would shatter their hearts to hear such news. Think about the children! Think about the Animals ! Think about the children and the animals!

    1. Excellent points, Kayla. The impact on the school community would also be significant as it is part of our curriculum to take part in forest schools and study living things in our environment. I hope your emotive statements make the developers rethink their plans.

      Mrs de B

  15. Wonderfully emotive blogs, Churchill. Your fantastic language choices and passionate views shine through.

    We now need to use the science knowledge we have about living things to support our pleas to abandon this building project. Next week we will look at the evidence you found during our field work and start classifying them to demonstrate the biodiversity of the site.

    Mrs de B

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