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The Shaman’s Apprentice – setting description

Posted by on January 29, 2016

Through our Rainforest topic we have been reading  The Shaman’s Apprentice. It is a beautifully illustrated story which is perfect for setting description. By focusing on devices such as adverbial phrases, different types of sentences for effect, word choices, similes/metaphors (just to name a few!), we are able to ‘paint a picture’ in the reader’s mind. Below are some of the sentences we created. Can you imagine the picture in your head? Scroll down below to see what we were describing.

  • Gentle flowing water, which was rippling out to sea, swiftly moved through the river’s mouth into the deep blue.
  • Swishing away, in the centre, filling up the dry land, the water sang a sweet tune.
  • All was good, except for the lonely blades of grass.
  • Waving trees, which grow towards the glimmering sun, beside the waters.
  • Tumbling rocks, which strike unknowing boats, splash into the cool waters.
  • Next to the abandoned land were waving trees, which grow towards the glimmering sun, beside the water’s edge.
  • Lying in front of the tribe were abstract mounds of earth, which had been there for countless years, emerge from the fluent river.
  • Below the wise tree, was a mirror that defeated thirst for the helpless creatures.
  • Towering intimidating trees glaring at the things below… Making anything in its sight filled with fear!
  • Dancing grass, which fed the starving animals, put a ballet show on with such grace and beauty.
  • Steaming pittas, that were handmade by the villagers, cooled on top of the layered, thatched, fragile cookery gazebo.
  • Rusting rocks, which were as ancient as a Mayan temple, stood there watching…
  • Mirroring magic sky, with thick motioning clouds carrying the reflective water coat, floated by the independent stream.
  • Meandering deep ocean blue distinctly blowing through the chilled breeze.
  • Behind the river is dancing grass which feeds the animals.
  • Burning rocks that give off smoke scorch those who dare walk across. Surrounding the rocks, containing the burn, a river runs like a cheetah.
  • Above the trees is the god who rules the forest; if disrespected, nightmares will happen for the god is the great and powerful sky!
  • Swaying gently in the cooking breeze, the hut stood firmly in the pale yellow grass whilst being occupied by the native villagers.
  • Behind the dancing grass, lay the pale green leaves which floated in the pastel blue sky as they drifted over the beloved village.
  • Whispering trees, which towered over ancient rocks, sent chills down the spine of their victims.
  • Dancing flames concealed by slate plates heated the village.
  • Below the wise tree, was a mirror that defeated thirst for the helpless creatures.
  • Above the wondrous grass a grand and ancient tree, which looked over the villagers, stood in the sky.
  • Floating leaves, which were galloping in the harmonic breeze, glide across the green planes.
  • Yellow as the sun, the rooves of the abandoned huts raise over the jewelled emerald grass.


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