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Y6 visit to the production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Abbeyfields

Posted by on February 9, 2016

Last Tuesday, Year 6 attended the production of Little Shop of Horrors at Abbeyfields school. It was a real treat and we couldn’t stop talking about it on the way back to Simon de Senlis!

Task: For your blogging task this week, I would like you to write a review on the show, commenting on what you liked about it. Consider the perfectly timed delivery of the lines, the pitch perfect singing of the songs throughout and the detailed sets which transported you to another world. Remember your writing targets!

Miss Coade



22 Responses to Y6 visit to the production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Abbeyfields

  1. JOY

    Personally I think that the acting was exceptional especially the ascents that they presented very well. My favourite part about the amazing play was how they were able to change the size of the fly trap ( Audrey II ) in very little time and space. There were lots of bumps and creases but they were able to persevere and able to make it towards the end. It was nice to see some of the people that used to come to our school and how they have grown into professional performers. I was kind of disappointed how there was not that much dancing because I’m a dancer it would have been authorial content towards me.

  2. Jaylin

    My favourite character was the Audrey II- The man eating Venus fly trap. The reason being is that he was definitely one of the funniest characters it was like Godzilla but a plant! The part I like about it is that they put days possibly weeks of detail into it. It sung multiple songs and groaned the words ‘’Feed me!’’ So the boy who got greedy for fame [Seymour] kept on feeding his loved ones to the monstrous plant. Each time the set changed the Audrey II grew larger and larger it ended up being taller than me it was an experience to remember.

  3. Amber

    The play was amazing it had really good acting it was real almost. I had four favourite Audrey the human and the three narrator. They look like they all had fun. The props were so realistic mostly the plant.

  4. Royem

    I loved the show. It was getting better as I watched it. But the Andrey II was creepy it kept on getting it bigger. I loved the singing but it was too much at least next time they could have more drama less singing. The beginning was great with the song called ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ because it was introducing the show but too much singing made it boring. Seymour was really emotive his expressions were quite good. The dentist was so rude and mean she was forcing Audrey to not get her bag when they were going on a date. Mr Mushnick was weird when he said that Seymour can be his son. I am really looking forward to performed at Abbeyfield this year for the Wizard of Oz because their equipment was much more professional than it is in our school.

  5. Maisie and Lauren

    When we were walking to watch the play, everyone was talking about that it was going to be good. We liked that all the characters all took part in the play and we liked the acting, dancing and singing. Maisie’s favourite character was Audrey and Seymour because I thought that they both worked really hard and worked really well together.
    Lauren`s favourite character was Audrey II because he was really annoying and absolutely funny. Mr Mushnick was also very hilarious when he stepped in Audrey II mouth.

  6. Mya and Naomi

    I liked little shop of horrors because there was a range of comedy as well as adventure… After the show progressed you realised how much acting and rehearsing was involved. Audrey II was the funniest as well as the most popular star. We admired Mr Mushnick for his drama and laughter he gave us. Orin Scruvello took his roll very seriously therefore it had impact on the audience. All of the characters kept their timing and we all appreciate it.

  7. Myles

    I liked the fact that the show was well rehearsed and that the man eating plant (Audrey II) was very funny. The actors knew their lines and that made it easier to watch even though there was a few mess ups. The scenes were properly decorated and they made you feel as if you were there. The Audrey II looked a lot like a plant as it was very well decorated. Orin Scrivello was played well and he was hilarious, the same as the plant. When we were walking back from Abbeyfield everyone was saying the plants most used line, Feed Me Seymour!.

  8. Amelie Hood and Kamilla Panni Raki

    Our favourite character from little shop of horrors was Audrey because she did great fight acting behind the florists considering that the dentist pretended to punch her and she pretended that it really hurt. She had an amazing voice when she was singing which made Little Shop of Horrors feel like a musical. She had a great sense on when she should say her lines and she also showed emotion throughout her acting.
    One of the stand out moments for us was when the dentist had to do the dying scene as he had to make it very realistic. He said that he had to use gas but then he got the helmet stuck on his head. He almost begged Seymour for help but he would not help. The only downside of this is that he got up before the curtain fell.
    The Audrey II was a Venus fly trap but Seymour could not identify it. We liked the Audrey II because it had intercut detail and it eat people.
    We felt that the show was okay because did not forget their lines. We give it three and a half stars out of five stars.

  9. Teigan

    My favert caterter is Audrey ii because Seymour is making him bigger and it was singing and cep saying “feed me”.

  10. muhammed

    In Tuesday we went to Abbey fields cinema to watch something called ‘little shop of horrors ‘it was not that bad because we didn’t watch something from a tv we watched it right in front of us. My faviroute character was Audrey II because it ate people and I liked how he kept saying “Feed Me! “And he just ate someone a second ago, and my other faviroute character was Seymour/mush nick because they were really good at acting and very good at saying there lines because how could they remember it all.

  11. Phebe

    Little shop of horrors was a great performance. There singing and acting was magnificent, at the very beginning I thought it would not be great but I enjoyed my time at Little shop of horrors. Personally my favourite character was Audrey 1. She was great at acting and I loved her accent, she never changed it. The people who made the Audrey 2 (the plant) were very creative as it grew bigger and bigger, this made it seem like it was real. So without them I don’t think they would be able to make the whole scene. Seymour was great at the feelings as when he was down he could really make himself feel down, and put you in his position this had great effect on the whole show. Mr Mushnick was very bold to go on stage, he shouted right to the back and he acted like a real adult.

  12. Thomas Mckenna

    My favourite part was when the plant ate the people and grew larger and kept chanting ‘feed me!’ The plant started of tiny but Seymour fed it his own blood the plant grew so big it needed more than just blood… Live humans!

  13. Alex Crilley

    Little Of Horrors was a fantastic performance! My favourite character was the plant called : Audrey II. The songs and the singing and the dancing was really good. It was also good how everyone knew their lines and how no-one had to pause to try and remember their lines. The person who was playing Seymour was really good at the feelings and emotions, Audrey 1 was also good at carrying out her accent throughout the whole performance. It seemed so real as when the Audrey 2 (the human eater) ate someone or some blood and he actually got bigger. I was amazed.

  14. Isabelle and Jake

    Littel shops of horrors was amazing, I loved how the acters had rehearsed the show, so hey didnt make any mistakes. I didn’t think Abbeyfield did the show because it was so well rehearsed and it wasn’t like any normal school show. The songs where very chatchey and lovely.I had already performed the show so it was nice to see another one perfomance.

  15. Daniela

    Little Shop Of Horrors.
    On Tuesday we went to Abbeyfield school to watch Little shop of horrors it was so exiting, my favourite character was Audrey II. I really enjoyed the film, also there was a plant that looked so realistic and it was also really funny. The plant also kept on getting bigger and bigger every time.

  16. Katie

    On Tuesday we went to see Abbeyfield’s school performance. This show was about a small plant called Audrey II (a venous fly trap) which kept on enlarging when it got fed. This was a peculiar plant as it talked and ate human blood to get bigger. Audrey II was named after a girl called Audrey; this was created by a boy called Seymour who loved Audrey.
    My favourite character was Seymour as he was kind to everyone. He tried to protect Audrey from her boyfriend, he always would beat her. Although he was so lovely, he let the boyfriend (a dentist called Orin Scrivello) die so that Audrey would be safe and so that he could feed him to the venous fly trap.
    All of the lines were perfectly in time with the music and the whole performance.

  17. Arron

    Walking up to Abbeyfields, I was so excited that I couldn’t walk in a straight line! Once we had arrived we were shown where to sit and waited for the other schools to arrive. When they turned up, the show began!
    My favourite character from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was the Audrey II (the Venus fly trap plant) because when it grew bigger it started talking and singing. The songs were very catchy and I was very impressed with the set design, especially the shop which looked very realistic. I thought it was actually wood until I was told it was painted on!

  18. sophie hunt

    When I came to watch little shop of horrors I found it very interesting and very cool. I wish I could go and see them again it was that good. My favourite characters are Audrey II (fly trap)and Seymour. The reason why I would like to see it again because the acting and the sing was very good and it made me laugh full stop.

  19. Priya

    My favourite character was the plant Audrey II (the vinos fly trap) because of its intercut, realistic look. I all so liked the scene because at first I thought the set design was real. I could not believe that it was just wood which was just painted .I also love the fact that the miny theatres set felt warm and comfy like the cinema.

  20. Tyrone

    I like the show because the voice of Audrey II (AKA fly trap) and he was funny. My favourite charter was Orin Scrivello because he was the a different charter. I thought that Audrey and Seymour could stay alive but other than that I was a five out of five show #feedme

  21. kory theobald

    On Tuesday year 6 walked to Aby field next to fevered character is Cmoor because his timing was amassing

  22. Ryan

    The show was very good and entertaining and they did extremely well for their second time with props also the plant looked like the detail on the plant took a long time. The actors remembered their lines and spoke clearly the play was fun to watch because the story line was really clear and the play was over all entertaining. As well as the actors performing the band was amazing and the scenery was changed with no time wasted. I like the character in the play especially Mr Mushnick because at the end he changed his feelings for Seymour throughout the play.

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