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E-safety week (Day 4) – Being Kind Online

Today we discussed the importance of being kind online and thinking about other people’s feelings before we post anything. Miss Coade introduced us to Yammer which is part of Office365. It is a way that we can all communicate together and share ideas but it is a closed group. This means Miss Coade has to invite you in and nobody outside of our class can contact us which makes it really safe compared to similar apps (like Facebook) which we are too young to have. Below are some of the activities we completed. There are also some examples of relative clauses and parenthesis which Miss Coade was really impressed with! We have blocked out the surnames of all the children to reduce the amount of information shared – another handy hint to remember!

After responding to the tasks which were set, we changed our profile picture using an avatar we created last year in E-safety week ( Remember it is important to use these instead of real pictures as it is much safer.

yammer 3

yammeryammer 2

How long could it have taken the UFO to reach Simon de Senlis? Maths investigation.

Year Six are using this Sway for their learning in maths today – the amount of maths involved in such a simple task is astronomical! Some great learning around science taking place too. – An interesting read around the speed of the shuttle that takes people to and from the International Space Centre (ISS). Fascinating stuff!

E-safety Week (Day 3) – Child and Parent Workshops

Today we had a visit from Simon who works on E-safety at Northamptonshire Country Council. He lead workshops with Year 5 and 6 looking at the dangers online and highlighting the importance of staying safe. He also reminded us of the age restrictions on certain apps including Whatsapp (16) and Facebook (13) and the importance to listening to this – it is there for a reason! Remember that technology is not the problem, it’s how we use it! Simon also mentioned about our digital footprint which we learnt about yesterday so we could tell him all about it!

On a side note – Thank you to all the parents who turned up to morning/ evening workshops today. In total, there were around 80 people who attended which was great to see. When speaking to parents afterwards, many believed it was such a worthwhile session and very informative. Let’s help keep our children safe online both at school and home. Please spread the word! 🙂


new tips

Art work – Rosita Gottlieb

Rosita Gottlieb Costa Rica-born Rosita Gottlieb has painted professionally since 1963 and over the years mastered the art of painting with the spatula, the artist’s knife.

Rosita has gained a reputation as a bold colourist. Her primary medium is oil, to which she adds marble sand, wire mesh, beeswax and other materials. This thickly textured paint is then applied to the canvas using a knife to create a rich, hypnotic, multidimensional effect. All of her work is based on the Rainforests of Costa Rica. In Year 6, we have been inspired by her work and have created our own pieces using oil pastels. We researched the different plants within the rainforest and recreated a closely-packed composition of different species to reflect the conditions found in the understory of the rainforest.

Here are some examples of her work:

Here are some examples created by Year 6:

E-safety week (day 2) – Digital Footprints

Today, as part of E-safety week, we looked at our digital footprints. This is made up of our internet history and tells a story of what we do online. Like our fingerprints they cannot be erased, even if the history in the browser is cleared. Below are copies of our digital footprints which we made using

E-safety at SdS (day 1) – Launch assembly

This week is E-safety week at Simon de Senlis. In assembly yesterday, we were learning about the importance of staying safe online both at home and at school.

We were taught how to be a SMART surfer.

Safe – Always keep personal information to yourself and do not share it with strangers (name, address, phone number, school)

Meeting – Never meet anyone that you have met online.

Accepting – Never accept emails which you are not sure about. Do not open any attachments that you are sent. Tell an adult straight away.

Reliable – Sometimes people can pretend to be somebody online. Make sure you are talking to someone you trust

Tell – You must inform an adult if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We then had a challenge which was to try and empty the can of shaving foam as quickly as we could. Miss Coade then challenged us to try and put it back into the can. This was an impossible task and created an awful lot of mess. The message behind it was that if you say or do anything online, it is hard to take it back. We must think carefully before doing anything online.