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E-safety at SdS (day 1) – Launch assembly

Posted by on May 24, 2016

This week is E-safety week at Simon de Senlis. In assembly yesterday, we were learning about the importance of staying safe online both at home and at school.

We were taught how to be a SMART surfer.

Safe – Always keep personal information to yourself and do not share it with strangers (name, address, phone number, school)

Meeting – Never meet anyone that you have met online.

Accepting – Never accept emails which you are not sure about. Do not open any attachments that you are sent. Tell an adult straight away.

Reliable – Sometimes people can pretend to be somebody online. Make sure you are talking to someone you trust

Tell – You must inform an adult if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We then had a challenge which was to try and empty the can of shaving foam as quickly as we could. Miss Coade then challenged us to try and put it back into the can. This was an impossible task and created an awful lot of mess. The message behind it was that if you say or do anything online, it is hard to take it back. We must think carefully before doing anything online.



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