E-safety week (Day 4) – Being Kind Online

Today we discussed the importance of being kind online and thinking about other people’s feelings before we post anything. Miss Coade introduced us to Yammer which is part of Office365. It is a way that we can all communicate together and share ideas but it is a closed group. This means Miss Coade has to invite you in and nobody outside of our class can contact us which makes it really safe compared to similar apps (like Facebook) which we are too young to have. Below are some of the activities we completed. There are also some examples of relative clauses and parenthesis which Miss Coade was really impressed with! We have blocked out the surnames of all the children to reduce the amount of information shared – another handy hint to remember!

After responding to the tasks which were set, we changed our profile picture using an avatar we created last year in E-safety week (https://www.bitstrips.com/create/character/). Remember it is important to use these instead of real pictures as it is much safer.

yammer 3

yammeryammer 2

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