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Prayer Room

Posted by on June 10, 2016

Year six were welcomed into the prayer room, at Weston Favell Primary school, which is a space where you can think about your beliefs and have time to reflect. It gave everyone a chance to stop and think about others and their place in the world.
There are many different ways to engage in prayer; everyone felt relaxed and used the areas, independently, to think about: their hopes and dreams, changes ahead, forgiving others, letting go of worries, positive images and so much more. It was a positive experience for all – here are a few of the children’s comments:
It is therapeutic.
I like how it is calming.
It made me feel different about people that have difficult times in the world.
The empty chair has helped me with memories of my grandparents.
The bubbles helped with my worries. I could feel them lifting from my mind.
It made me feel sad and positive.
I enjoyed the tents and using the headphones; the guidance was useful.

Year six, please post comments about your experience of the prayer room. What did you find helpful? How did it make you feel? What would be useful to have in our school?

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