Monthly Archives: October 2016

Maths Games

Wow! What fantastic maths games you all made for your key skills. We had a great time today sharing and playing them. They all worked, were really fun to play and revised an area of maths that we have focussed on so far this year. Well done everyone!

img_4102 img_4103 img_4104 img_4105


Year 6 are very excited to be interviewing George North from The Northampton Saints. Their questions will then be used to help them write their biographies about him. Keep an eye out on the blog for the finished pieces!








Last week, we did a lot of work on place value. We then had to have a go at a tricky puzzle, which required us to put all of our skills together to figure out where each piece went. During the time given, four groups managed to finish and all others got close to completing! There was great partner work and excellent discussion as each group worked their ways through.