We Will Remember Them


Mrs Greener and I are often proud of our class; when they work together well, the friendships they have, mastering a tough concept in maths or working hard at home on their key skills.  Today was one of those goose bump inducing moments of pride as I watched Year 6 present their remembrance assembly to an audience of around 400 people.  From the breath taking dance to the quality of the poems, from the confidence in performing to the detailed artwork on display.  You made me proud to work with you.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs de B

2 thoughts on “We Will Remember Them”

  1. We as parents were also so proud of Year 6. Such a moving assembly, and such a wonderful group of children working together to create amazing dances and poems. Well done all involved! I know Eleanor was extremely proud of herself for standing up and reading her poem.

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