Key Skills 11/11/16

Key Skills 11th November 2016

English- your project for the next three weeks is to prepare for a mini-presentation about yourself.

 We would like to know about an interest or talent that you have. It might be speaking a different language, going to karate, your artwork or writing computer programmes. 

Whatever your element is, we want to hear about it!

 Each member of the class will have five minutes to present their information the week beginning 5th December so make sure you’re ready!

Maths- We are having a big push on fluent recall of x tables’ facts.   Please complete the sheet you chose and spend 10 minutes a day practising the facts you need to learn.

 Can you come up with any tricks to help us all to improve our recall?

My favourite is:

I ate and I ate until I was sick on the floor.

   Eight times eight is sixty four

       8         x     8     =       64

Mr Prosser’s group had a halving and doubling activity this week.

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