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Key Skills 18th November

Posted by on November 19, 2016

English– carry on with your presentation about ‘your element’.  Two weeks to go; I’d better start mine!


Mr Prosser’s group- short and long multiplication practice, there are 15 questions on your sheet and Mr P has asked that you do at least 10.  An extra challenge on the bottom of the page also needs completing, please.

Mrs Greener/ Mrs de Board’s group- you have specific multiplication and division tasks to complete on mathletics please.

Have a good weekend

Mrs de Bmathletics

One Response to Key Skills 18th November

  1. David R

    What I have learned is that in Wold War 2 when all the English soldiers were out of ammo the Sikhs went on the battlefield and fought the Germans with swords only and risked their lives and helped us. that’s why in the memorial Sikhs are there too because some of them fought too which surprised me because I didn’t know Sikhs fought in the war. I think that life isn’t the easiest because their religion is different to people that believe in god and they have to donate a lot of food which costs money.

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