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Key Skills

Posted by on January 6, 2017

the-tempestA fabulous day learning about the Tempest!

– What did you recognise in the play from the learning that we had done in the class?
– What did you enjoy about the play?
– Did seeing the play benefit your understanding of the story?
– What questions have you now got about the Tempest?

Those of you who didn’t make the play, how was your day? What did you learn? What are your next steps?

As always, don’t forget practise your times tables!

Have a good weekend – a great first two days back!

27 Responses to Key Skills

  1. William

    Our learning in class helped me to know everything thing that happened in the play however I struggled to understand the language.

    The play told me a lot about Shakespearean language and my favourite character was the wizard because he was clear with his voice and I could understand him.

    I already knew the story quite well but it just deepend my understanding of the tempest, which will be useful in my learning.

    How did the wizard know that his brother was on the boat that he shipwrecked?
    Why wouldn’t the wizard allow Miranda to go back to meet normal people before Ferdinand arrived?

    • y6churchill

      I’m so glad that watching the play added to your existing understanding of the plot. Don’t worry about the language- few adults understand all of it! While we’ll be working on the language in weeks to come, more important is the comprehension of the characters and plot.

  2. Hannah

    The play was great, I learnt the way people in Shakespeare`s time spoke and how to understand the various plots in the story.

    • y6churchill

      That’s brilliant. Well done for realising there are various plots in the story not just one- this is common in Shakespeare’s plays.

  3. Buddy

    If I’m completely honest that stuff isn’t really what I enjoy watching but the effort they put into it the play is what I liked the most and remembering all of their lines. The main problem was that I could not really hear what they was saying and what they meant. But at the end of the day I thought it was not the best of plays.

    • y6churchill

      I’m glad that you could appreciate the actors even if the play isn’t your kind of thing. i hope over the next few weeks we can convince you that Shakespeare is fantastic at weaving stories with amazing plots and strong characters.

      • Lottie

        For a matter of fact when we were at Stratford we were doing some learning on how to persuade people to like Shakespeare: we did a poster and a spread sheet on one of Shakespeare’s plays .

  4. Zaibaa

    I had a great time watching them perform. I noticed when we were doing our drama it was the same as what they did. I am saying this because it could have been a different book to what we were reading.

  5. Mitchell

    I learnt a range of things especially about the tempest like: how prospero made the storm(the tempest) and Ariel took the crew and put them separate on a island with Miranda and prospero and caliban.

    • y6churchill

      I can’t wait to find out more about your role as a school ambassador.

  6. Zaibaa

    I had a great time watching their performance. I found it quite interesting because they had used old language and also because they stayed in character. It was humorous because of the joker and they didn’t keep the audience bored. The play didn’t really benefit me because I didn’t understand the story line but in class I did. How did Prospero get his powers? What age did he get them? Has Prospero got any dark secrets we don’t know about?

    • y6churchill

      I’m glad that you understood the plot in class, the work we do over the next few weeks will further this understanding too. Great questions- I hope you find the answers as we work through the play.

  7. Georgia

    I really enjoyed the play because it helped me understand more about the Tempest seeing it on a stage.

    • y6churchill

      I’m glad watching the play helped your understanding of the plot.

  8. tintin

    I feel this play took the Tempest to a new level because of the way they used the words from Shakespeare’s time and memorised them which was very impressive . many of characters who had lines at the same time as each other such as Ariel stayed in time for the majority of the play .
    Overall I thought it was a very good experience for all because the Jester who had a a very funny role managed to stay in character throughout the play . This play showed me how hard it must been living in those times because now we have technology but they had nothing like that .

    • y6churchill

      They really did do a great job, didn’t they? Well done for noticing the jester, a common theme in Shakespeare’s plays. It will be interesting to study him in more detail as we look at the play over the next few weeks.

  9. Chloe

    I enjoyed watching their performance, I found it interesting because they had used old language and also because doing the drama yourself doesn’t understand it more however watching makes me understand it more . Watching the performance has helped with when we did the feelings and emotions to describe our self. How did Prospero become a wizard? Has Prospero got any mysterious secrets?

    • y6churchill

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the performance Chloe. Great questions- I wonder if you’ll discover the answers as we look at the text in more depth.

  10. Ronan

    I enjoyed the play because of the shakespearean language. I also enjoyed it as the crew were very good acting out the play and remembering their lines….IMPRESSIVE!! I recognised alot from what we learnt in class but mainly when Prospero was making storm for the ship but Miranda wanted to help them instead.
    Watching the play was great as it made me understand more of the story and see things i didint understand in class.
    I dont really have any questions about the TEMPEST, like i said watching the play made me understand it better.
    Thank you

    • y6churchill

      Wonderful to read your comments, Ronan. I’m glad that watching the play added to your understanding of the story.

  11. Thomas

    I really enjoyed learning about Shakespeare in general and the Tempest. The activities on the first day were really fun and I learnt a lot. One of the things I learnt was: Shakespeare spelt his name in many different ways one of which was Willm Shakp.

    I also liked the play because it was well performed, the characters spoke clearly and I could understand the show. I recognised the characters and scenes because we read it before in class so I could link them. Watching it helped because I could see it. Overall, the first two days were great!

    • y6churchill

      I’m so glad you’ve had such a positive start to our new topic Thomas. Your acting as one of the witches in Macbeth took my breath away!

  12. Eleanor

    I have written up my key skills in my book rather than on the blog. Hope this was ok.

    • y6churchill

      Could you add it here so that everyone can see your thoughts on the play Eleanor?

  13. Tobie T

    i enjoyed it in lots of different ways like how they spoke like how they spoke in the tudor times. I also like how they pronounced there words and spoke clearly. I could name the characters from my learning in class that day.

  14. Lottie

    When we watched the play Ariel was played by a girl and she made some crazy noises with her mouth. ???

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