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Happy Half Term Holiday

At last half-term is upon us and we can all enjoy a well-earned week relaxing.  We have crammed so much into these six weeks and it is hard to believe there is just one more term left at primary school.  Lots more fun to pack into those seven weeks though!

Your key skills to be returned on Wednesday 7th June are:

  1.  At the moment, we are writing a lot in English and it is fabulous! Some of the writing outcomes have been extremely good.   To keep this momentum going as we have half-term, we have designed an open-ended writing task for you to complete.

We want you to choose what you write, how you write and who your audience would be. It must include:

  • Five paragraphs or more,
  • A range of great sentence openers,
  • A range of punctuation use,
  • And, it must be interesting!

If you cannot think of any ideas, here are some:

  • A short story,
  • A letter to a local councillor around an issue in your local area,
  • A thank you letter to a friend,
  • A newspaper report on something that either you have been to, seen or something from your imagination!
  • Diary entry around something interesting from your week off,
  • Something related to your book that you are currently reading,
  • The possibilities are endless!

We look forward to reading it!

After half-term it will be esafety week at Simon de Senlis and each of you has received a sheet of tasks to complete with a parent or guardian.  Return the list to receive your certificate.

Happy holidays everyone.

Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board

Key Skills 19th May

Hi All

Key skills starts again this week; please complete 30 minutes on each activity below.

Maths- Over the next few weeks we will be looking at reasoning and problem solving in maths. Below are three different puzzles that you need to work logically to solve. Have a go and be ready to share both your results and strategies next Wednesday.

Happy puzzling!


You need to choose something that you have done recently and write a postcard as if you were still there.  This can be done really excitingly (you may have gone somewhere great!) or you could be humorous and choose a less exciting place- Tescos?  Remember:

  • range of punctuation
  • range of openers
  • an interesting level of vocabulary.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Mrs de Board and Mrs Greener


Well done!

All of the children in Year 6 have shown a level of maturity that has made the team of adults that works with them so proud this week.  Testing at any age is nerve-wracking and it is easy to forget that our pupils are aged just ten and eleven. They worked hard to prepare this week, did their very best and we are now ready to enjoy the last few weeks of this academic year.

To celebrate the end of the tests we enjoyed a tasting and baking session yesterday; there are definitely some budding chefs amongst us!  Today we completed our art study of the work of Andy Goldsworthy by creating our own sculptures using natural materials at Grangewood Park.  Once again the children astounded us with their teamwork, creativity and vision.  Please have a look at the sway on the Mandela blog to see some of the creations and ask your children to log into their own work on Office 365.

It’s been a pleasure working with you this week and we are looking forward to an action-packed two months ahead.

Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board