Origami and Tangrams

Key Skills 23-6-17

 This week we have looked at instructional writing as part of our work on Sadako. We would like you to teach someone how to create an origami paper crane and report the results back to us record how you found it below this blog post.

 Things to comment on could be:

  • How did you try to teach them?
  • Did you adapt your teaching at all?
  • What helped them learn?

The video we used is here if you need a reminder yourself:


Find out what tangrams are and how they work before starting our work on shape next week.

There is an opportunity to practice here some tangram puzzles here:


Have fun!

Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board

12 thoughts on “Origami and Tangrams”

  1. A great display of growth mindset with this task, from both children and staff. I was really impressed with you all and it was a great feeling of satisfication when we all achieved our first crane; many of you are now experts and can complete one without the tutorial. Have fun teaching someone your new skill and have a lovely weekend too!
    Mrs Chisholm

  2. Me and my dad mastered it together first attempt .He helped me with the things I struggled on and I helped him with things that he struggled on.

    1. Sounds like great team work Lottie. I’m impressed you mastered it on the first attempt- I think I may need your help as my finished product did not look much like a crane!
      Mrs de B

  3. We tried to teach Eleanor’s mum and sister how to make a crane; we followed the video link and used our knowledge of what we did in class. We found it quite hard to teach them, however we eventually made one!

    1. Congratulations on your eventual success girls. I think it is hard enough to make one yourself without trying to teach others as well. Perhaps we should have started with something slightly more simple!
      Mrs de B

  4. I taught my mum how to make an origami crane and it did not go as planned. I found it was easiest to teach her by doing a step by step demonstration and going over some steps twice. I ended up with an origami crane, my mum ended up with a beautiful piece of origami roadkill. ?

    1. Hannah, this is hilarious! I’m glad it was still beautiful though. I feel we have all learned a lot of lessons about teaching others to do something as well as about origami during this project!
      Mrs de B

  5. I attempted to make the crane with my parents and they only understood the bits where you fold the paper in half, otherwise it was very fun but hard to teach. I ended up with a crane but my parents ended up with something you cant even describe…

    1. It’s really tricky to make one and even more difficult to demonstrate to someone else I think!
      Mrs de B

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