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Reading Gives You Wings

Posted by on November 2, 2017

This term we are having a big push on reading in Churchill Class.  Below is a reminder of our expectations (you can of course do more than this!);

-change your book every week and record it on the wall chart in the classroom.

-record your reading in your journals at least three times a week and get it signed by an adult.

-crack on with the Year 6 books from the school ‘one hundred books’ list.


Please post a review of a book that you have read below so that others can enjoy it too.

Mrs de B and Mrs R

8 Responses to Reading Gives You Wings

  1. david


    I am reading billionaire boy and it is addicting to read because it is really interesting. It is written by David Walliams.
    It is about a boy that has every thing that he wants but he doesn’t have one thing a friend. Yes he is very spoilt !

  2. issy

    Reading helps you with your writing and is interesting when you find a book you love.

  3. Adam

    I really like the book called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I prefer it to the people who like adventure books because this book is about Percy and his friends trying to save the world from an evil Titan Lord called Kronos who wants to destroy Olympus and the gods for what they did to him and the only thing or person who can stop him is Luke. Luke needs to realise how important the world is and kills him self because Luke is Kronos’s body so Percy gives him a knife to defeat Kronos.

  4. Oliver

    I’ve enjoyed a book called Goosebumps The Night Of The Living Dummy 2. I like it because it is really freaky (but in a good way!)because the dummy comes alive at night and destroys stuff and the owner is taken for blame. Read it and find out!

  5. Jacob.S

    I really enjoyed reading Matilda written by Roald Dahl because it’s about a little girl who loves to learn and she can be a role-model to people who don’t appreciate learning that much, to give it a chance.

    5 stars.

  6. Harry

    I’m reading Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix. (J.K Rowling.)

    I like this book because it has lots of pages and it is quite hard to put down.

    There is a boy called Harry Potter and he is living with his horrible aunty and uncle because his parents died when he was born because Voldemort killed his parents and Harry is famous for surviving Voldemort’s spell leaving a scar on his head which hurts when he is at school.

  7. Casey

    I really like changing my book once a week because it makes me read more and makes me more determined to finish it. Then I will already have more than 3 reading logs a week which is good. I also like having a list of expected books because then we know what level were at. A book that I recommend is ‘The Starlight Barking’ because it has a lot of cliff hangers and will leave you curious. It is also very much like 101 Dalmatians and I enjoy that very much.

  8. Natalia

    Royal Rabbits of London:

    This book is not a book from school, I went into a shop and saw this book, it looked really childish but I gave it a go. I sat on the sofa and started reading it, it was really interesting. It’s about a rabbit that adventures to London to find the Royal rabbits of London because the Queen is in danger. Come on read the book to find out what happens? Hurry up because the Royal Rabbits of London 2 just came out. I’m really curious what’s going to happen.

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